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Mar 11, 2009 - 27 comments

I have been having a terrible cold for a few days...But today i started running fever, and having coughing spells where i can hardly catch my breath....I went into a walk in clinic, because my doctor is out today, and booked for the rest of the week...the doctor said i have broncitis, that i need to watch, so it doesn't turn into pneumonia s/p?  He gave me prednisone, antibiotics, and some kind of pump for me to inhale, and a Darn presription for Tussinex...WELL , I have no idea why i didn't tell him I am a fricken Addict... I filled everything but the cough syrup...I know i cannot fill it..And my hubby is at work for another week, so he can't hold it...
Does anyone know of a safe cough syrup to take OTC??  I literally feel like ****.....AND today I HATE BEING AN ADDICT!  
if anyone reads, thanks a bunch

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by mojorisin64, Mar 11, 2009
i used to use vicks 44,might hae alcohol in it i dont remember but it worked for me...

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by gizzy32, Mar 11, 2009
I am sorry your sick R2R, the prednisone should help a lot, it did for me. I have been on and off of that when I was younger with asthma and the last time I had bronchitis. What kind of puffer did he give you? The absolute best cough syrup here is Buckley's, but not sure if it's in the U.S. That is the only kind I use, it tastes disgusting, but works. Hang in there kiddo and I hope your feeling better soon.


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by AlessandrasMom, Mar 11, 2009
The last time I went to the doc with bronchitis, the doc gave me a prescription cough med called Rondec (sp?), and it was non-narcotic and worked pretty well.  Maybe you could call him back and tell him you'd like something like that instead?  I don't have any advice for OTC cough relievers, sorry.  Good luck to you and feel better soon!

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by cathy5841, Mar 11, 2009
R2R, i am so sorry you are sick....i know it is going around here too...everybody is sick...and our weather is 85 then 60...wth???  we use is better than nothing.  i hope you feel better soon.  ttys

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by HelpinUtah, Mar 11, 2009
I'm so sorry to hear your sick!  I use Robitussin like Cathy does. You can ask the pharmacist which one would work best for you giving your symptoms.  Good luck and hoping you feel better soon!  By the way, WAY TO GO for not filling the script!  WOOHOO!!!
Hugs & Prayers,

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by road2recovery, Mar 11, 2009
Thanks so much..Giz what the He ll is Buckly's ? lmao...Never heard of it...but thanks :).... Cathy, i know what you mean, since we live so close, the weather here is the same...And little one had pneumonia 2 weeks ago...
The pump says proventil  (albuterol sulfate inhalation aerosal)  **** please tell me this is not a narcotic??  I didn't look it up...
I will get some robaitussin, thanks....No giz, Today i hate being an DAMN ADDICT !! only good thing, is I have not smoked a cigerette in 3 days...I feel like I am coughing and catch my breath, maybe i will quit for good...I just dont' remember having a cold that felt like this...and the doctor was a forgeiner (no offense) I just could barly understand what he was saying....thanks again to you wonderfull people...

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by gizzy32, Mar 11, 2009
I use the sabutamol(sp) inhaler and I am pretty sure that proventil works almost the same. It just helps open your lungs so you can breath better. Since you have not smoked in 3 days you better quit for good now. I know when I have had lung infections I still tried smoking, how sick is that, lol.

Just don't overdue it with the inhaler, it can cause rapid heart beat and shakes, but I don't know proventil that well. Oh and buckley's is THE best cough syrup. I have to plug my nose to take it, it is so gross, but in an instant it warms up your body right to your toes, lol. It really works, I can fedex you a case if ya want, haha. The commercial says, "it tastes bad, but it works" tastes bad is an understatement, lol.

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by cathy5841, Mar 11, 2009
giz, cough syrup makes you warm???  whats in this cough syrup???

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by gizzy32, Mar 11, 2009
Yes it does not burn, but you can feel it warm your body. For any Canadians here that have seen the buckley's commercials know what I am talking about, lol. The commercials shows them taking it and making sick faces and crying with the song "everything is gonna be alright" playing. It is OTC so it's not spiked, lol.

I just went into the buckleys site to see and some Americans said they tried it, but can't get it there and want to know how and where to buy it. I have used the other kinds mentioned and nothing compares to buckley's. I guess we are keeping the secret with us, haha:)

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by MJIthewriter, Mar 11, 2009
I hope you feel better soon. I wish I had some ideas...but I can't think of any that haven't been suggested already.

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by MJIthewriter, Mar 11, 2009
That sounds like some wicked cough syrup btw....

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by merrymaria, Mar 11, 2009
i ve heard of some kind of green tea syrup for s sold in a health store like GNC.  it s supposed to break up the mucus so it doesn t stay in your lungs.  i ve had something called pluresiy....a lung infection.... for the past three chest still hurts so take care of yourself and try to drink lots of water...hope you feel better soon...maria

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by ginger899, Mar 11, 2009
I use steam inhalations with Thyme herb (either oil, or a strong infusion) added.(Abowl of boiling water with the herb added/towel over bowl and head/breathe this till the steam stops)   I also drink Red Clover and White Horehound herbal tea. Also Echinacea Angustifolia.  I had really bad flu in December with coughing blood and everything, and this lot realy helped me, and I'm fine now.  I don't know how you feel about herbal meds but I find they work well, and safely. Also, I don't know how you feel about using alcohol-based herbal tinctures. They're usually stronger and easier to take, but if you have a problem with alcohol, stick to the herb teas.

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by MontanaGurl, Mar 12, 2009
I have taken Buckley's it smells like a cross between pine needles and amonia and tastes even worse, but, works like a charm.  Also, a syrup in an orange box, ****, can't remember the name, but, the buckley's is a type of homiopathic (spell?) med and all naturl, it does taste and smell BAD but works reall well.  even though I take narcotics i cant take cough syrup with alcohol or codine in it, causes me the poops and stomach issues.  i hope you feel better, being sick is bad but, when it deals with your lungs and you start coughing, i get coughing spells that turn into gagging spells, especially in the middle of the night and that makes your days go by so slow and you feel yucky from no sleep.  I really hope your cold bug leaves you in a hurry.  take care.....til next time

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by troubleinohio, Mar 12, 2009
yep, try the robi! the store brand generics work just as well. the main ingredient you want is guiafinisen. It really helps break up the thick congestion and lets you cough it out. Ive used it by the gallon here in this house when we all catch the same cold and hacking to death lol.   PS i wouldnt go all out and buy that Mucinex stuff- its the SAME INGREDIENT but majorly jacked up price because its time released and a brand name. ALl it is , is guaifinisen!  HOpe you feel better soon R2R!!!

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by helpjen, Mar 12, 2009
Hey= I have heard of tessolon pearly rx'd for a bad cough. Don't know about the drug content, but they work great for most.  Guiafinisen will make you jittery, so take in the am.   Geel better honey.

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by road2recovery, Mar 16, 2009
guys thanks so much..I am fianlly feeling better...I ended up testing positive for the darn flu, with broncitis on top of that...Lets just say it was a breif reminder of my w/d's....I ended up tearing the prescription up of the cough syrup..It was easy to do once i started having the body aches that reminded me of why i didn't want that stuff...Thanks for all of your replies...hugs

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by 122 Tactical Fighter Group, Mar 16, 2009
Your inhaler is albuterol (as you know) and is non-narcotic. I use one also.................good luck and heal up for us all!

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by road2recovery, Mar 16, 2009
eagle, thanks...Does the albuterol make you feel jittery?  makes me feel funny???   I am feeling better, but not great..yuk

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by lonewolf07, Mar 16, 2009
Buckley's tastes terrible but it works.  I've never seen it sold with an inhalor but if that's what you need, rather than a liquid, my advice is worthless.  Maybe it's a Canadian thing - Buckley's I mean  = )  Hope you feel better soon.

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by SouthernLady458, Mar 16, 2009
You did the right thing by not filling the cough syrup.  The BEST otc cough syrup is Desylyn, it's in an orange box.  I promise it is really good.  Just keep up the good figt and DON'T get the narc cough syrup filled.  Go ahead and tear up the script so you won't be tempted, you'll feel empowered after you do that.  Good luck and take care.  Shere' (SouthernLady458)

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by SouthernLady458, Mar 16, 2009
Good for you.   I didn't read all the comments before I replied.  I'm so proud of you for tearing up that script.  It did make you feel empowered didn't it?  God bless.  Shere'

599170 tn?1300973893
by Cherie762, Mar 16, 2009
all coughs are different depends if its productive or not..any tussin is usually good its not always best to supress a cough you want to break up and expell the phlem maybe just at night so you can sleep..remember ask a pharmicist,,they are helpful...

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by Jacqui805, Mar 16, 2009
I'm so sorry you're sick.  All the meds. you were prescribed should get you back in business in no time.  An OTC cough syrup that I find very effective is called Delsym.  I've been using it for years around here when we need one.  I hope you are feeling better soon.  

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Mar 16, 2009
I used the Delsym when i had pneumonia and it worked great!!!!  Hope you are feeling better and i am really proud of you for ripping up that prescription.

Buckleys??  Reminds me of the stuff my grandma used to make us drink from was dark green in color and tasted just sh!tful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You forgot what ailed you after a teaspoon of that!!!!

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by Me967, Mar 17, 2009
Sorry you don't know me.  I saw your post and the fact that you belong to the heart forum.  Coricidin HBP seems to works well for me.  It's made for people with high blood pressure, sold OTC and it's safe if you have heart issues.  

I also sip on some hot tea with honey in it (and sometimes brandy).  Climb under some heavy warm blankets and sleep.  Anyhow, just my two cents.  I hope you feel better.    

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by ireneo, Mar 17, 2009
I was going to suggest something similar to Me967 - the old warm honey and lemon drink is safe and eases coughing. It's not an expectorant but drinking plenty of fluids will keep the secretions moist so you can get them up.

The albuterol is a fast acting inhaler to open the airways. I use it for my asthma. Because it's adrenergic, it mimics the effects of an adrenalin rush. You may feel an increased heart rate and feel jittery for 10-15 minutes.

Read those OTC cough syrups carefully. Many of them contain alcohol. In my case, alcohol sets off my heart so I avoid it.

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