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More Waiting !!!!!!!!!!

Mar 21, 2008 - 8 comments


My NP @ the GI DR. has mailed me Rx's for more BT's and an abdominal Ultra Scan. She will see me on APRIL 28TH!!!!!!!!!  "That will give us plenty of time to get results back", she said.  I know it is wrong to feel this sense of urgency,  I have gastritis, and an espphogeal stricture. She gives me Nexium and Reglan, for heart burn. Every morning I wake up with stiff achey fingers, neck, knees and hips.  As I move around, the acheyness subsides somewhat.  Every once in awhile, I get a sharp pain on my rt. side, just below the rib cage.  This frightens me.  Study Guy says, HCVers should have the Ultrasound done every 6 months, to check for liver cancer.  I am going a little nuts, hanging around in this condition. I'm wanting desperately to get on with my tx.,(whether it is important to start soon or not).  I gotta go scream into my pillow.  Hugs to all my fellow heppers.  My brain is tired, and so am I.

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by Deb_c430, Mar 21, 2008
Ahh my friend, I know how you feel!   I could never handle waiting either. I wake up like also.   Remember the days we bounced out of bed?

I do not think it is wrong, to feel urgent!  I did as well.   Starting and finishing! to have a sense of maybe I can fix this.  Like you have some control.  I think we need that, to feel a sense of control!  

Scream loud, howl at the moon,  and  know you  are going to be ok.

The pain you feel is the membrane around your liver,  it can also be gas.  

SO here is a huge squeeze  a big one, oops think you pooted!

Hugs and smooches,  Deb

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by medicmommy, Mar 21, 2008
EEEWWW! Who pooted?  LOL  Waiting is the WORST! -And it always seems to be SOMETHING! Just wondering...Has your gall bladder been checked? Many members of the "Happy Hepper Club" have had problems with theirs...I had to have mine yanked! I had frequent heartburn and mild gastritis...Not to mention some pretty horrific attacks when a teeny stone would work itself out! Have you tried using Papain/ papaya enzymes after your meals? It breaks down the proteins that, if they get past your stomach, can be absorbed through your intestinal wall (leaky gut syndrome) and can cause arthritic/allergic type symptoms...Hang in there! Some day soon, this will all be past...

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by Deb_c430, Mar 21, 2008
ssshh it was Wassup!     Medic has some good  advice there!     For me that is always the worse, even when I got in trouble at school or what ever, I was like lets get over with! I am so not good at anticipation!    

Have you had a colonocopy and a endoscopy? Do it now if not, they will spring that on you next!    heart check,  check everything off so they can not say just as you ready to start, oh you need this, that, and frustrate you worse!

They did that to me this time, you need a colonscopy, you need a endoscopy! I came un glued.

Now I am a big whiner, I hate this stuff!  I wanna be off!

Never happy eh?

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by medicmommy, Mar 21, 2008
Heh, heh...At least I escaped the colonoscopy part! Sounds like a "treat"!
And ditto on the "I just want it done"!  I'm actually starting to get some things done that I never had time to do before..go through the junk drawer...sort old files...sigh...Cool part is, I've also had time to read some of the letter my grandma and Grandpa wrote while he was in the Navy in WW2...Before they were married...So neat...Small blessings in everything...

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by incharge08, Mar 22, 2008
I wish I could give you a 'real' hug...

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by Wassup, Mar 23, 2008
You gals are so adorable, I'm just crying greatful tears for the support I've gotten from you all.  Thank you sooooooooooo much sweeties,  As for real hugs, I sure could feel real hugs in my heart.  That's what I'm talking about!!!!! I Love you guys,( o.k. ladies).  I guess the waterworks are partly exhaustion.  

Gott go get some zzzzzzzzzz's  You'are just the best, my friends.  Who loves you bunches, Me, Ant B

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by Deb_c430, Mar 24, 2008
Oh well medic it came as a surprise to me, I was like OH heck NO!  

Actually that was not so bad, the day before was awful tho! Bleah, talk about pooting.

That is because we love you Ant B,  we are all together in this, good times, bad times,   We never surrender, we never leave a fallen sister a sad sister alone! NEVER!

Love you!


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by Wassup, Apr 10, 2008
Dear Deb, Medic, Inchg, Mikki, Sev, Kimmi, Mikkimoe SfBay, Geter, (I shoulda just said to all my sweet heppies), Please don't feel left out if I didn't mention you by name.  |My mom went up to San |Mateo to take care of my sister's exhusband who just had a colostomy, Cancer strikes again, He'll do chemo the rest of his life.  From my experience with that particular comment, that means that remission is not in his future, as was the case of my sister Catherine who passed away on 12-13-07, from Ovarian Cancer.  |While Mom's been away, and will be til the 17th, |I've been staying at my sister and Br. in laws home in South Bay, Ca. She's been so wonderful to let me tie up her phone line to answer my email. So, personal greetings will have to wait til I get to Mom's where the PC, doesn't tie up the phone.  Anyhow, Call from NP @ GI 's ofc. called to find out where I was so she could send an Rx for a CT scan of abd. and Pelv. which I'm trying to schedule in conjunction with my br.-in laws, CT scan on 4-17- @ Torrance Memorial.  Seems that my abd |U/S depicted a mass on my liver.  |You'll just never guess what I'm thinking, |(JK).  So, Yes I've had the colonoscopy and the endoscopy and an U/|S on stomach, abd. and pelv. prior to this newly scheduled abd/pelv. CT scan. You'd think they'd know me inside and out by now. |I'm thinking that somebody shoulda sent me some flowers at least, before they got to probe ALL MY HOLES. LTIP (laugh til I puke). not really.  Anyhow plese hold off on sending me any emails for about a week and Ill get back to you each and every one of you sweeties as soon as I know anything worth posting.  My in box was so full I got a msg. from People Pc that my Inbox was full, I wanted to write to them and say so is my out box and every other box too. TMI, Too much info?  So, I'm sending a big colossal gigantic hugeish group hug to all y'all with a whole lotta love (as an attachment). I must admit I'm more than a wee bit scared.  Ant B

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