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Out Bursts

Mar 23, 2013 - 0 comments






I've been coping amazingly the last couple of days, especially considering recent circumstances, and to be honest it's a relief hearing that your a strong person, because it's helped me cope and keep strong that little bit more I think.  all this however, I can't deny that I get moments when I sudden feel overwhelmed for no reason. The slightest thing can just set it off. It normally goes from anger and frustration and then gets let out with tears. I think I'm doing really well to control it a bit more. Problem is I have a partner that's emotionally constipated, and not a bit like your average guy. This in return puts more strain on me, because he isn't capable of seeing when I become overwhelmed, and has no connection to why I feel like that, even though he knows the situation and I've explained how I can get. So Telling me to "F*** Off" When I have a 'moment' just increases my emotions and magnifies the situation even more. This journal, obviously been my vent, and a way to regain myself again, and amazingly already I'm feeling back to what I was, even If slightly drained now.

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