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Mar 25, 2013 - 1 comments

I lurked around here for about two months before I decided to join. I also didn't join until I was clean of opiates.
I took my meds for real pain. All were RX only. I never abused my meds nor never had a friend or dealer. I always had enough until my next RX and even sometimes left overs

You most likely are wondering then why I am here???

Well I didn't like how the meds where making me feel.
My mind and body weren't right.. I couldn't think clearly and had lost a LOT of weight. I did need to loose the weight just not that way.

So I got my PCP to pull me from pain mangment and him do my scripts. I then decided to start tapering on my own. I didn't talk to my doctor about it sense he beleives if you don't need it don't take it, not like pain managment where either you took all they gave you and if not in a drug test if you showed low they would kck you out. Knda Red Flag you. And when your in bad pain thats not a good thing.

I was on Oxycontin 30mg CR 2 times daily. And 10mg Hydro ( Norco) 6-8 daily.
On Feb. 9th J decided to just stop my Oxys. I was still takng Oxys.
Got a hotel room for 4 days so I would have a bath to soak in if I needed it  and I DID. LOL
( See my husband owns his simi and is an over the road truck driver cross cuntey and we pretty much live in our truck out one to two months at a time then 3-4 days off sometimes less theen that. Our choice)
I was pretty lucky with the withdrawals not being too bad. Don't get me wrong they were bad but am sure would have been much worse if I didn't have my hydro.
I didn't really have the bathroom issues but they may be because I have IBS with constapation and take a med for that??? Who knows
Then on day 4 we went back on the road and I dropped my hydros from 6-8 daily to 4 daily. After my body somewhat adjusted to that dose, about 5 days I dropped to 2 hydros a day. Then again about 5 days later I dropped to just 1 a day, I did break that one into 4 pieces and too every 4-6 hours. No pills thru out the nite
Then about 5 days again I just jumped off.
It wasn't really that bad, sure I didn't feel good knda like a mild flu for a day or two each time I dropped but very very due able.
The worse for me was the little sleep!!! Thought after I stopped the Oxys I was gonnna go crazy without sleep, I was sooo tired and couldn't even get a quick nap but now that I haven't had any opiates at all for about 10 days I am finally sleeping 5-6 hours and only wakng up maybe once.. Thank god! Lol

I feel very lucky and blessd that I never became addicted to my meds. I however know people who do and who are, but it isn't anyones fault. It's somethng your just either born with or not. IMO
My daughter being one!
You don't just wake up one day and say " by I think I'm gonna become an addick!"

I would suggest anyone taper if they at all can even if you have to have someone hold your pills for you and just give you your dose.
IMO just me!

I wish everyone all he luck.
Trust me I am the BIGgEST BABY in the world and if I ca You CAN Do This.

I am here for support to anyone who needs it. I am not judgmental at all.
So feel free to PM me anytime and I am here.

Thank You to eveyone on this site, it's because of you that I am off opiates!!!

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by EvolverU, Mar 25, 2013
Wow! You're doing it! And if you're already sleeping 5 or more hours a night it. Sounds like you'll be bouncing back w/ a vengeance. REALLY glad you didn't have to do this in a truck. Can you imagine? Glad to hear you aren't an addict but if you have any anxiety or whatever we're here for you. God Bless you and keep up the great work - your golden!

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