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Negative Results Maybe

Mar 25, 2013 - 0 comments

Well in the last week I've done 3 pregnancy tests that all came back as negative. My period should start any day now and I have the symptoms of it, but the cramps I've been getting don't really feel how my cramps usually do. Its more like a dull twinging ache than a cramp. I've been excessively hot most of the time and I've been getting lower back pain which I've never had with period symptoms before. Tomorrow is 14 days since we ttc, so I'm going to test myself again. This is my first time ttc and I have no idea if my period symptoms are just different from my body not being sure what's going on or if I'm just paranoid. I would love a positive test, but after it came up negative the other day, my husband and I decided to wait a couple months before ttc again, so we can get some painting and small projects done around the house first. We decided to wait until June/July. Mainly we want to finish a couple things we already started and paint the spare bedroom, so when we do end up pregnant, the room is ready to go.

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