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Why don't doctors listen?

Mar 27, 2013 - 0 comments










I don't understand western medicine. I woke up Tuesday March 19th in so much pain it was unbearable. I called my doctor and the nurse was very nice but not the least bit empathetic. I expressed to her the amount of pain I was in, that I didn't want more pain medication but wanted to make sure that my doctor had exhausted all avenues and not just settling for the diagnoses she's given me simply becuase it's a good guess. I don't have a life, I cannot even go out for a light afternoon of lunch and shopping with my daughter without paying dearly. I was able to get her to run more blood work, had an xray of my left hip done. No call back. Monday March 25th I woke up and simply could not walk, the stabbing pain going up from the bottom of my left leg bone up was so intense I could not put weight on my foot. The only explanation I could come up with was that Saturday March 23rd I walked around the mall for a while with my daughter. I'm stubborn, I won't give up. I've started walking for ten minutes daily on my treadmill and doing 20 minutes of static stretching to see if it will help. I just feel like nobody cares. I tell the doctors, and the neurologists how intense the pain is and I get no response. I haven't had an MRI or any other major tests done for almost two years. I recently went in for my yearly physical and asked my gp if she could think of anything else it could be, other that her diagnosis of sympathetic pain syndome. She said no. I understand her concept, but my point is that it's getting worse, I'm getting to the point where I feel as though I'm becoming immobile, not just in nerve pain. I cannot move at times. I called her nurse to see if they could refer me to a specialist and she reacted as if she didn't understand why I just couldn't except it. People have radiation on their brain all the time and don't end up in the shape I'm it. Proton beam radiation is very non invasive, it's not like regular radiation that can travel to other parts of your body. I'm perplexed and starting to suffer from anxiety due to the pain and the effect it's having on my life. The reason I won't give up and I won't stop following my instincts is that it took me almost a year of being bounced back and forth between my GP and a ENT before I was finally sent to a neurologist in 2009 and diagnosed with an alterioveinous malformation in my brain that was quite large and ready to burst. I had been telling my doctor for months that I felt as though something was going to explode in my head because that is exactly what it felt like. She kept diagnosing me with sinus issues. I think the medical colleges need to do a better job at teaching these doctors to listen to their patients.

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