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Mar 13, 2009 - 2 comments


Today I feel like I do everyday, depressed. I thought this would  just go away, I know now that it won't. I'm finally going to seek medical help. If there is anyone who has or still is suffering from dprssion please let me know your story and what helped you, such as the kinds of anti-deppressants.I can't go on living like this any longer. My family doen't understand this and thinks that it is in my head. I need and will seek help for me, the one person I seem to always neglect.

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by margypops, Mar 13, 2009
I am sorry Dawn you are having a bad time ,if you want to talk it through PM me I am always around somewhere, and will get back to you,you have insight when you say you are going to seek help for the one person you neglect depressants are one way.. there are other ways to help your self ,supplements and counselling , we need to find out the source of trhe depression..

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by hatgal, Apr 13, 2010
I truly hope that you found the help you need and I am sorry that I am just seeing this now; it comes through an email address that I don't often use.  For me, after being on Zoloft for ten years, I had no idea how much it WASN'T working until my doctor switched me to Lexapro - a life saver as far as depression, sexual side effects (very important - Zoloft totally took away my drive for that long, Lexapro has made me whole again in that regard and others).  I still have depression - but we all do because it is a normal feeling.  It is like anything else - alcohol, drugs, whatever - that if it affects your everyday life and interrupts relationships, it is time to seek out help.  God speed!  And post back if you wish........... Hatgal

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