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Mar 13, 2009 - 0 comments

Okay so I am severely hypo right now. I am at this duh duh phase, And it's really not very much fun. I hear you guys out on this one. My cycle is so bad that I am screaming and crying. I have to take 600 ibus a day in order for me to make it through. And this other thing, why don't people get that hashimotos, is very very different than hypo??????? I am just furious at my doctors, I complained back in 2004, and noone listened to me. I think I was much smarter than I am now believe it or not. Now i have to look at the keyboard and try and type this stuff. WE got into a car accident and lost our car and now were down to one. whoops I can't spell right no lol excuse me, I am going yo go yo yhr library and try to get some books, and shove them in my familys face ha I really can not type, so anyway I am just venting. And by the way my voice is so horse right now I can just scream.

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