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Mar 29, 2013 - 3 comments

This treatment does take a toll on the mind, body and "soul". Didn't push me back to church. But maybe later. I guess I'll find out after the drugs are out of my system how much they are controlling me. The drugs are for certain controlling my lack of motivation. It's very different being like this. I'm the one who's always painting patio furniture, baskets and just stuff to make the old look new. But it's not just energy it's the mental part I've never had. I look at something and don't have the capacity to be excited about what the finish line would feel like. Not just objects. Any type of plan, just anything. There's isn't an ending in my mind.
Then theres the house. I've always run a tight ship, or people thought. It's easy to fool the people that don't. Lol! Some family members are more worried about my house than I am. For me this treatment is priority. It was said very well by pooh. The dog hair is everywhere, the carpet smells. The washer broke and I didn't have the energy to buy one. The laundry was up to my hip and that was just the stuff in the house. The garage had more. But I'm sure it's all going to come around to being regular life at some point. Until I take the last pill it's treatment priority!!!  
Next problem "the liver" .

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by bear5849, Mar 30, 2013
God Bless you.

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by JustASetUp, Apr 16, 2013
It will end.  Good luck on this difficult journey.

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by Star971, Jun 15, 2013
Treatment can be hell but in the end you will feel better. I never use to clean and now I am but I am making the best out of my life and when that last day comes it will feel like a mountain has lifted off your shoulders.

BIG HUGS sending your way via Internet :-)

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