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Another Day In The Life of .. Moi !

Mar 14, 2009 - 0 comments

March 13, 2009 - Friday...

Whoa, Friday the 13th!! Not that I'm the superstitious type .. not at all. I am the, coincidental ' type.'  Yesterday I took a hard fall ... today my back, neck, & knee's are killing me. Had it happened today, I could have blamed it on the date! But I wouldn't have taken it seriously of course .. :-)  

I slept in (today) until after 4p.m. - part of the reason I'm so-o stiff and sore, no doubt. I wish I could sleep upstairs, in the bedroom, with my husband. But that mattress just leaves me in such pain! And Ca.King or not, I get tired of 'fighting' with 3 Pugs for my own space! Plus, every since I busted up my leg falling down those stairs .. I'm afraid of them. I pray every time I come down them. -- So my 'bedroom' is the family room. I get no privacy. I wear earplugs to bed each and every night. Otherwise I would wake up when the slams, bangs and stomping began at all hours! Just too much fun. I can only hope that once we buy one of those 'Sleep Number' beds, I will finally be able to find some comfort .. and a bedroom! But that won't be until after we have moved.  

Alabama. Oh my Lord, I really don't want to move. Last weekend I sat here crying about it. I asked him how it seemed to be so easy for him - how did he handle it? He said that he "adjusted." Right. You just handle it ... no matter how unhappy you are. No matter how far you are away from the place that you love - that you consider HOME ... you 'adjust' nonetheless. The north part of the state is so very different than the southern, gulf-coast region. It doesn't look the same, smell the same ... the people aren't the same either. I had hoped to find a small, quaint, country-style town so we wouldn't have to live in the traffic and craziness of Huntsville. But for some reason, those sweet little towns just aren't there .. THERE. In Louisiana, between Lake Charles and Lafayette, those cozy little towns are numerous. I don't know why they don't exist in northern Alabama. I don't believe Sherman could have leveled every town (in north Alabama) on his march towards Georgia, back during the civil war!

I have seen farms outside of Huntsville ... although, sadly enough, they appear to be dwindling.  I imagine that the owners are selling their acreage to building contractors. Homes are going up by the thousands. Contractors are coming into lovely, forested areas and cutting down everything. It makes me ill. The result looks like a huge scar upon the landscape!! Afterall, more land, more houses ... and they make a decent amount of cash selling the logging of properties they have purchased.  

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