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Copaxone Bad Reaction

Mar 11, 2009 - 0 comments









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Yikes! Took my copaxone shot normally at 10 PM. Woke up at 2-2:30 AM with the worse chills and shaking I have had in years, since my last bout with the flu in 1994. temperature spiked to 102.something. My eyes were too blurry to read the . point something. Could barely stagger and stumble to the kitchen to get an advil and oscillo as I figured I had caught the flu from my best friend who is a flight attendant. When back to bed for the whole day Wednesday nursing a crushing headache. by 5 PM I was fine! Flu gone. Dang that Oscillo is good stuff I thought. Skipped the copaxone shot on Wednesday. See Friday entry for the rest of the story..

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