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Sad/Depressed - situational

Mar 31, 2013 - 0 comments






I don't have enough gas money to drive up to see my daughter. It would have been risky, with little $, just getting over a major mania period, and leaving my son (even under drop-in supervision) made me wary. But now I feel guilty for not going to see my pregnant daughter who begged for my help. I have a hard time saying no to my kids, or people in general - people pleaser. The group I am going to will help teach me how to set boundaries and say NO. Accept my limitations.

But still BUMMED. I doubt I will go over to my mothers for Easter Dinner. I can't really stand being around them much. Judgmental, and they all have a knack of making me feel stupid and guilty. The more I try to please them the more they poop on me. Sad, but very true. I often think (as do other family members) that they preferred me drunk because I was easier to control, or just out of the picture.

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