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Apr 01, 2013 - 0 comments

Hello, I am a 56 year old woman and a recent survivor of esophageal cancer.  No doctor will say that my cancer treatment is the cause of my foot drop.  And I know that foot drop has many, many different of which is chemo. My story is long, but I will condense it as much I can! I had four procedures in one day, which I thought was great!  I had a feeding tube placed (J Tube) in my intestines, a chemo port in my chest and two types of hernia's removed.  Oh boy, I'm doing my best to make sense.  Bottom line, I went thru 4 J tubes.  Two them just fell out, and two became infected as nobody had ever seen before.  Everything that was in my stomach or feeding tube was leaking out onto my entire torso! You would not believe the pain!! It was explained to me, just think of it as my stomach acid, used for digesting food, being equivalent to battery acid. After three hospital stays (one being 12 days).  They finally removed the J tube from my intestines & installed (lol) a G tube into my stomach.  The point of me telling you all about this is I had so much going on and such insane complications & pain nobody noticed that I could not walk!!  Then I was told that I have foot drop!  I say I've never even heard of that...what the hell is it?  I WAS TOLD THAT MY CONTRACTURES ARE SEVER AND THEY ARE PERMANENT.  I was wondering about some of the posts from other people with foot drop. They are talking about walking, running, jogging and skiing!!  I cannot even walk thru my house without hanging onto the wall or a piece of furniture!  Please help!!!

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