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Has been a while

Mar 22, 2008 - 1 comments

Well haven't been on in a while, have had no internet but I did or may have relapsed I guess from all the post its a matter of opinion but its been 3 days and I am starting to feel better, I was feeling as though I was going threw withdrawls all over again. Worse then before, this is just a hard battle and I am realizing that the mental battle is definately worse then the physical WD. I guess I have come to the realization that I think about taking a pill everyday and it is so hard. Then I try to think about what really is it going to do for me, ya know its just so hard! I love this place I am so very thankful for finding it!

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by newmanagment, Mar 22, 2008
mentall addiction is a real killer for me, as im a coke addict. i feel soo much for all those that have to go thru w/d's! but use them as a reminder of what ya dont want to go thru again.. i read you relapse post, and wuteva ya wanna call it, dont let it getcha down. you can do this, just try a lil harder and remember the life you seek . taking back control of your life is not easy, if it was there would be no drug counselors, NA/AA, or this forum for that matter. please look into some type of aftercare, mentall addiction will keep draggin you down till ya find a way to deal wit it. best of luck to ya, n keep ya chin up .....much luv

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