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My Sweet Poodle Julie has Cushings & Kidney Disease

Mar 15, 2009 - 3 comments













Dog Kidney failure & Cushings

Hi...I am so sorry for all your losses.  It's so awful to lose your beloved pet. My heart goes out to you all.

Next week. I am starting my beloved 9 yr. old mini Poodle Julie on Trilostane for confirmed Cushings Disease.           She is 14 & never stops drinking water & has to go outside way too much. Her appetite is immense. All of this is so abnormal with her, along with her "pot belly" & she is very non energetic.
She was just diagnosed & I am very stressed about treatments. I know that I will never use Lisodren on her.  Trilostane will be my choice. My Vet says to start her on 15 mg. & ACHT test her at 10 days. I am not jumping into treatment until I am sure she will not die from it.

Today, I got another call from her Vet who said she has Kidney Disease. Her UTI test came back normal But the creatine & Protine in her urine is way too high>normal is 2...she is 8.
He said to put her on Hills KD food & that will help. She hates Hills's nasty & dry & like sawdust. I must look into alternatives. Can anyone help me?? My Vet says there is no cooking food for her. Only Hills KD. Huh?? No way.

On 12/31/08, Julie started vomiting clear bile/water. Every time she drank more water she vomited. This went on from 4 pm to 8 pm. Than, without warning, she had a awful seizure.
My friends were here & we went to the ER vet. They kept her for 4 days with iv fluids & meds & no food at all. She had Pancreatitis.  She finally got alot better & came home.
They told me her tests show Cushings, Kidney problems & maybe liver damage & muscle & bone degeneration along with long term cronic lung & throat problems. It has progressed.    

She is doing okay. Her breathing isn't good...she always sounds very congested yet she survives that.
She has a Pot Belly, drinks water way too much & wants to go out every hour or so to urinate.
Her appetite is revenous...she'd everything in sight if I let her.  She is tired alot but comes to life a few times a day to have fun. Than sleeps. She also sleeps on the carpeting alot at night, instead of her bed. She never sleeps on her side anymore, only straight foreward..on her belly. Whats that about??

I am very upset about all of this. She is like another child of ours. We love her dearly, like you do your dogs.

My questions are...can you give me anymore insight to whats going to happen with Julie? My Vet said he cannot predict.
Since she has Kidney disease, do you think Trilostane for Cushings may not be good for her?
What can I feed her for Kidney Disease..not Hills KD??  

Sandra G.

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by tonienj69, May 02, 2009 dog had cushings..he was a standard dachshund..was 11 yrs old when he was diagnosed the treatments sounded so terrifying that i opted not to do them..he did get worse over a year and i just recently had to put him down.i miss him so much and i wish i had done the treatments now...but i still dont know if they would have helped nothing cures cushings and they do die from it eventually..i wish i could tell you something diffrent...good luck just show your dog that you love it every day!

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by lynnie165, May 25, 2012
My dog had Cushions disease. Same symptoms. Peeing in bed etc.  She had every blood test possible. They all came back NG Cushions. He finally did a scan and he saw that her liver was enlarged We did a biopsy and it came back that she did have Cushions Disease We also did a Cushions test because after he put her on Estrogen all the symptoms  disappeared.  Estrogen once a week. Denosyl and Medin. After giving her the estrogen NG symptoms. The symptoms never  came back  I said to him lets start the treatment.  He told me it was a nasty treatment. Something about holding back food. Peg was a very very bad eater so I knew that the treatment would never work,. He  said NG treatment because the symptoms were gone. The estrogen did it. I nipped it in the bud. She died of kidney disease a few yrs later BUT the Cushions had nothing to do with it.  I thought t did but NG It was just terrible. I had to make a decision to put her down She went from 18 lbs to 11 lbs.  She was a large mini. Beautiful red. Show My Vet told me that she was going to die in a few days and suffer so of course I would not let  that happen. I held my dead dog in my arms.  She was 14 1/2 yrs old I think she developed kidney disease becasue I had a bad sewage back up flood in my apt.  Mold sewage junk all underneath my floor. Dogs follow their noses She was fine before the flood and a few months later she died. I  think it was brewing for months before the symptoms showed up re:  losing weight etc  She smelt everything and I think that caused  the disease My Vet said very well could be but it is too late I got into holistic meds etc NG work.

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by lynnie165, May 25, 2012
Poodles are known to live long lives. Every poodle I know lived until 17 yrs old. The flood did her in. Smelling toxic odors. I am convinced of it.  To coincidental plus I knew my dog upside down and inside out

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