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Apr 01, 2013 - 0 comments

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So, my daughter and son were at it all day.  Yelling at each other, fighting, physically hurting each other.  I just could not take it, so I kept yelling for them to stop.  Just a mess.  Then my friend called and told me that her grandma had died.  I really liked her grandma and it was so sudden.  She had been complaining of back pain I guess for about two years.  She had seen a lot of doctors and no one could say what was wrong.  In her autopsy they found she had tumors on both of her kidneys.  I was like, I would sue them damn doctors.  How could they let tumors by when someone comes to them with back pain?  I mean I have had back pain forever.  Do I have tumors somewhere?  I've never had an MRI or anything, just an x-ray like 8 years ago that showed arthrits.  I better get a damn MRI.  Anyway.  Then we went shopping for my dads birthday which is tomm.  Ended up buying a lot of other stuff too.  With my son complaining all the way that he didn't want to be in the cart.  Without him in the cart we probably would have left the cart behind and left.  So, that was not an enjoyable experiance in any way shape or form.  The night kinda went the same and the frontroom was so messy I couldn't even walk.  I was so pissed and started cleaning.  Remember that I am in a lot of pain since my last cleaning endever.  Anyway, my daughter helped a little and was all pissed about it. Same with my son.  I know that no one likes to clean, but I just wish we could all keep our mouths shut while doing it and not be so violent in terms of throwing things where they need to be.  So, that was my bad day and night.  Prayers that tomm. is better.

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