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Does This Therapy Heal the Soul?

Apr 03, 2013 - 0 comments

alternative therapy



Treating mental health issues can be a complex process. Trying to coordinate with your doctor to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress symptoms through medication is a process of trial and error. You might find yourself searching, like many people do, for alternative ways to feel better other than taking medication. Here’s some health advice that could help you out in that regard: why not try a little drawing or painting? Art therapy is a treatment that’s recently gotten rave reviews from a group of patients in the U.K.

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Researchers at Brunel University set up a two-year project, enrolling eight people suffering from long-term mental health problems to participate. The art therapy program was simple: each participant selected a piece of professional artwork and then responded to it in a personal and creative way. Along the way, the participants collected their finished works of art and helped to curate a public exhibition. The general public was encouraged to connect and respond to the original artwork in the show.
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