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where is the justice???

Mar 15, 2009 - 0 comments

Hello, this is my story of how I am another one
to get lost in the Quebec health care system. I ve fallen in the cracks
of *we don t care*. Here is my story.

I went to see a
psychiatrist. His name I will not mention. He cancelled off all my
medication, slowly weinning me off them of course. I was on epival
500mg x2 times a day, effexor 150mg am, lamictal 25mg am, rivotril
0.5mg x2 times a day, zyprexa 10mg pm, for I had a borderline
personality disorder, he said I did not need them. He didn t even
bother to get to know me or ask any sort of question on my mental
state. He replaced it all with seroquel, but he did keep me on the
effexore 150mg and lamictal 25mg. As for the seroquel I had 4 x a day
when needed 25 mg, and 100mg at night as needed. He then closed my
file, even when knowing I had been at the emergency twice. He closed my
file way to early I personaly think ^^. Isn t that mal practice in a

Yea... I landed in the hopital due to cold sweats,
hypothermia, low pressure, dizziness, I couldn t go to the bathroom #
2, stomach pains, bleeding, basically I was feeling like ****. The
docter at the emergency saw me and he gave me an intestinal wash, which
in the end I found out wasn t what I needed, I came back home. A week
later I was back at the emergency by ambulance for I had passed out,
again. The same thing had happened. And the psychaitrist knew of this,
but still decided to close my file. Idiot really...

Well my
file was now closed and after a few weeks I continued to not feel very
well, therefore I went to see my family docter. I was to the point
where i couldn t even go out of my home for I was way too freaking out.
I had no choice. He told me my body didn t toterate the seroquel. He
gave me a referance to be seen immediatly by a psychiatrist in my

I went to see Le department externe de
psychiatrie adult in St-Jerome.. They refused to take me, even after my
family docter had called them, saying it was an emergency. Why? I don t
know. No one knew. I had to spend the weekend with out the seroquel ,
making me mentally unstable, or having to take the seroquel, which made
me physically sick. Nothing is open on weekends here.

I kept
calling them for the next weeks, no answer. I am part of a therapie for
borderline disorders. They even agreed on my side, and didn t
understand much either as to why they wouldn t take me. Even to say
that due to my participation to the groupe therapie, there is a
psychiatrist that has the duty to see me for this. She refused me
saying my boyfriend had threatened them. Fact is the only threat that
was made was that we would take them to court because they refused to
see me. And because he said that supposed threat, they even more refuse
to see me. That included my second attempt to see a psychiatrist
through the groupe therapie psychiatrist. Where is the justice in that?
I m not the one making the threat anyways.

I even tried to go
to Montreal but I was refused by them ( Montreal) saying there were
district laws, but when I asked St-Jerome about these district laws
they told me there was none. Who is right? Who do I believe? I felt so
lost. So I was litterly stuck in the ****** quebec health care system.
Lost in the * we dont care crack*

A month passes by, I was
still without the seroquel I despretly needed. I was having anxeity
attacks, panick attacks, dark thoughts, among all the pysical symptomes
when I had no choice to take the seroquel because I was freaking out
wat too much. I was an emotional mess, I began to slash myself with
razores, and they knew all of this was happening to me, but didn t seem
to care. They told me to go to the emergency and wait. Right,... wait
24 hours for an errer made by your staff. I don t think so. Yes I have
a hard head. ^^ I believe strongly in my rights as a person asking for

I even left a message to the hospital directer of
St Jerome who of course never called me back, as goes for the
commplaints departement. Run, they seem to love to avoid having to
answer questions, they know they can t answer to.

One day I
had been refused one too many times. I had lost all hope, and I really
couldn t continue on like this. I had recieved a phone call saying
there was no hope as for me to be seen by a psychaitrist. Therefore,
since I had been off medication for a month already, I was emotionaly
disturbed. I cracked. I attempted suicide, well not really, to be
honest. I was crying out for help in the only way they would hear me, I
mean I had tried everything else. Its almost as if you have to be dying
to actually get services. I mean come on we are in 2009!!!!!!!

I swallowed all my seroquel knowing I had an intolerance for it. I
landed at there emergency.(St-Jerome hospital) Where they didn t even
put me on machines or pump my stomach for that matter. They figured I
hadn t swallowed enough I guess, but I had swallowed 45 pills... so I
don t know according to docters if that is enough to at least put you
on heart rate machines.???

I stayed the night under
observation. The next day a miracle happened, I saw a psychiatrist. He
gave me all my old medication back and took away the seroquel. I guess
he couldn t be bothered to check any other medication, or remember,
they don t want to be bothered with me, and it showed. So I accepted
what I got, I couldn t do much any ways right?

I was then
sent back home with my prescription. I was still groggy and I lived far
away from the hospital. I had to walk back in that state, and in my
pijamas. Amazing service. But i mean i need a follow up

Today I went with a social worker I know, so she asked them questions.
The secretary there told us that even if I due submit my name, I will
never be called back. Aparently they had a meeting where they disgust
my subject and every single psychaitrist refuses to see me, as they
told me themsleves. Wow. Bravo!!! So we asked to see the head nurse,
who didn t know what the secretary had said and when we mentioned it,
she looked back at the secretary in surprise. They took my name, but I
shall be on a waiting list and not be called before September 2009.
That is if they ever call me right? We are now March 2009. Waiting list
are crazy everywhere. It just goes to show how the Quebec health care
system ***** and needs fixing. We are 2009 and we can t even have
proper health care!!!

Also a huge factore I must mention about this situation aswell, it is that of my father, my sister, and my last name.

My dad was severly mentally ill, he caused a lot of **** here at
St-Jerome hospital. And they know him and they also know that I am his
daughter. Could they be judging me? They seem to make comments about it

As for my sister, she is mentally ill aswell, and
herself has caused many issues with the department of psychaitry and
the hospital. We don t have a very common last name. Are they judging
me due to my family memebers?? If so, one thing I can say, it is
illegal. I am way beyond being like my father or my sister. I have
goals in life. And I don t **** around with they whole system like they
do, when I ask for help, I actaully need it. There is a difference.
Many illegal things are happening, not only with my story, but I am
sure some of you have similar storys. I know I am not alone. Please
feel free to share.
Thank you very
much for reading.

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