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Finances suck

Apr 05, 2013 - 0 comments

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So, at 12am I decided to look at my check books and my bills.  Well, I did this because I need a new cell phone because mine got soda in the battery.  So, unhappiness starts there.  I found out that with all my spending sprees lately, I have no money.  Like litterally $50 to my name.  I have a $180 energy bill due the 9th.  $29 and $37 phone bills due the 9th, $132 water bill overdue by a few days already and now this.  So, I was crying my eyes out.  I could not believe it and started going through my reciepts to see what I could return.  It turned out nothing.  I took the tags off and have worn and used everything that I bought over the past few weeks.  So, then I started thinking about when I will get money which is between the 9th and 12th.  I am going to have barely any money to buy food because just about all my money will have to go to my bills that I have not paid.  Then, today I did have to return the two shirts I had got my dad for his birthday because they didn't fit.  So, that was $25 in my pocket until I get out to replace them.  My sons melatonin was not covered and that was $10, but when you have o money, that is a lot.  Also, my son didn't want to stay with his sister while I stood in line for the return, so they were going at it when I got out to the car.  She was all upset and so was he and the hating and I know and all that was driving me nuts.  Now, I have to clean up because my cousin Jake is coming to watch my son for me to go to my friends gma's funeral tomm.  I also have to pick out clothes for that still.  Anyway.  Sucked from 12am on.

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