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innapropiate behavior 5yr old boy

Apr 07, 2013 - 0 comments

I recently moved out on my own with my two children. my mother was living with me until I decided to move out on my own for the reason dat my mother would go against my disciplining for my children. I lived with my mother in law for two months before I got my own apartment and the behavior started happening once I lived on my own. My 5 yr old son started doing weird sexual behavior. Me and my bf caught him masterbating a few times but I didn't really take it as something to worry until things started really happening. Days after me and my bf caught my 5 yr  old son giving my 3yr old son oral sex. Days after dat we caught my older son with his pants down having sex anally with my 3yr old son. I'm terrified and shocked dat my son is acting like this. My son has never been in a daycare. My mother always took care of him while I was working and always went to church and took my children also. As time kept going living on my own my son started opening up more and mentioned to me one day dat my mother asked him a few times to rub her breasts with shampoo and grab her nipples while she was in the shower. I asked him how he did it and showed me hand gestures of how he did it. I was shocked cuz I never thought my mother would do such a thing to her grandchild. He's been opening up more and telling me more things. I explain to him dat this behavior is not right and he tells me dat he likes doing theese things. Ive tried various things and punishments and it has gotten to the point dat I don't let me youngest son sleep in the same room as him because my youngest son started acting very scared of my oldest son and confessed to me dat he wanted to sleep with me on my bed because the other night my oldest son grabbed one of their plastic toy screw drivers and put it in my younger sons anal. I'm so terrified and seeking help for my son. I don't want my younger son to get traumatized or for him to behave like this. I am Looking for professional help in the San Gabriel valley area if anyone knows a place to get help for this ASAP !!!  Any suggestions?

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