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Lips... Help.

Apr 08, 2013 - 1 comments

I am a 18 year old female who cares a lot about my face. However a few weeks ago I noticed a bump forming close to the left crack of my lip. After a fewdays this bump became a HUGE white head. However there was no pain. I then poped this bump thinking if it's white that's what needs to be done. After disscussing this issue with my mother she told me to leave it alone that you were not to pop things like that. I go to a all girl school and have not been in contact (kissing) in any way shap or form with anyone for 6 months. The white has came back on my lip. However I dare not to pop it. Any ideas what it could be please help. I have class to go to in the am need this thing fixed asap.

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by destiny88, Apr 08, 2013
Have you tried the cold sore treatment like polysporin? I would try that and see if it helps! Also you should try and see a doctor.

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