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Why is forgiveness the last thing I'll give myself?

Apr 08, 2013 - 1 comments

I feel like I shouldn't be forgiven for the pain I've caused and the damage I've done. I'm slipping. Should I try and save myself or should I accept that I'm never going to be ok. I'm  2 1/2 years clean...I did what so many people deem impossible. Why am I so self loathing? Why do I still hate who I am...why can't I find my light? I need to run and never ******* look back. Please just stop this pain I feel in my chest. I will never recover...

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by dusk1010, Apr 23, 2013
hi dear
this journal entry tells me about a someone who has been trapped right from childhood.I am truly sorry about the way u feel.but please dont give up.I see that ur 3 yrs clean.wowww  thats a major accomplishment.what id like to tell u this exercise.what are u loathing?what are u angry for?why are u guilty? write a letter to urself about the way u felt years back(u cud write it with ur left hand because u were a child then)u can write about anything.then read the letter and come back to ur grown self.write a letter again with ur right hand now.u will see that ur reply to the letter u wrote with ur left hand will speak write back and leme kno how u feel


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