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Apr 08, 2013 - 2 comments

I droped the Effexor dosage on Saterday a further 5 mg to around 60 and today (Monday) feel a lot better. I was expecting to feel worse. I wonder if that is an indication that the Effexor dose has been way too high - i.e. no longer need Effexor.

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by 4Maddie44, Oct 05, 2013
Hello.  I am wondering how you are getting on.  Are you now free of Effexor?  How do you feel?  Can you update me on your progress please.

I have been slowly withdrawing from 150mg daily of Effexor XR.  Now on about 10mg daily.  This has taken 10 months.  Just beginning to feel slightly blurry around the edges, but nothing major.  It has been a good withdrawl with no side effects so far.

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by Al50Scand, Oct 06, 2013
Hei Maddie, I am now down to around 34 mg - was on 75 mg for 12-13 years and started cutting down the dose in February. So taking this very slowly. I stabilized the dose at 37.5 mg all summer, as I was fed up of counting beads (one capsule is 37.5). It was probably a very good move - gave the body some time to adapt. So, in the last month have continued tapering. Maybe be completely off by Christmas.

How have I been feeling? Well I don't think I have had too many side effects. The most important element has been a recognition that the depression cycles that I had before I began taking Effexor have not returned. It suddenly dawned on me that before I took Effexor I was on this continuous roller coaster of a ride of deep depression cycles - you never knew when the next one would start and it just felt like the floor opened up under your feet and that you were in free fall. You probably know the experience well. Being on Effexor has 'cured' me of this.

The other thing I note is that I feel as though I start to be me again. Now, that is not always so easy. I expect its like being released after a long prison sentence. You have this whole new world to adapt to and make a life within. Being on Effexor (or in prison) was in many ways easier. So, I have to make a lot of changes in my life to change my life from 'on Effexor' to a life of not on Effexor. Its going to take a while - but to be honest I am excited. I feel a bit like a recovering alcoholic. What takes alcoholics time is changing their psychology to that of a person who is not an alcoholic. That is where I am right now. I plan to spend a lot of time, maybe next year, really working with myself and breaking out of the cage that both depression and Effexor have put me in.

Its a long, long process - but doing OK so far.

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