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Apr 08, 2013 - 2 comments

I was in a fantastic mood all day, and then come tea time I can't cook because the kitchens in use, this then somehow escalates into an argument, me knowing full well, that I said some blaming things, however it  started because of his irrational side, when his stomachs thinking for him. Now I was fine with his, until the nasty side come out. Lets thing words such as "spong" "retard" "spaka" all rised, and not from my mouth, then when I get upset, I'm then been a baby? This is the most frustrating thing in the world when the firing line is aimed at me and not in the nicest way. Makes me wonder why I don't walk out sometimes. Just had to get that off my chest, and make it clear to myself, I'm not the one been vile, and remind myself I'm worth a lot more if That's what's going to come out his mouth!

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by peachrobidoux, Apr 08, 2013
I hear you! My husband was screaming at me this morning because I had a migraine yesterday and needed to sleep. Did he or my daughter help me out with the cleaning? NO. They said, at 10PM last night, "could you possibly clean the kitchen before you go to bed tonight?"
He also told me that there was a time limit on how long I could be physically unwell. And we all know that psychological stress and abuse can cause physical problems.
Ugh. Funny how they seem to know everything, and we are idiots who "want" to be sick!
If you ever need to vent, I'm here for you, darlin'.
Remember, you are awesome.

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by TIddums, Apr 08, 2013
Thank god it's not just me!! I think it's just men I really do. If it isn't right in their world then it must not be right.
And your so right it does start to have a stress effect on you doesn't it?!?
It feels good to actually vent it out and have someone understand because they are in the same boat.
I get that with sleep too. I've always been a big sleeper and I don't cope if I don't get my sleep, but if I have a bad night and the next night I doze off watching TV, I get it in the neck, because if he isn't tired, how could I possibly be!!??, Like I said, not right in their mind....
Bloody hell seems like you need a good venting too. Just Give us a good moaning too whenever. :)
And don't let him bring you down or anything

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