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Twisted ankle

Mar 14, 2009 - 5 comments



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twisted ankle

While hiking on Saturday, we didn't realize how late it had gotten. All of a sudden, we had almost 2 miles to go and only 15 minutes until sunset. So we started trail running...downhill. We were going pretty fast, and I rolled on my left ankle, twisting it. Had to limp all the way back and made it off the trail after dark. We put ice on it when we got home and I took an Advil. My ankles are the weakest part. I've sprained each ankle once - one while stepping off the curb, and one while doing a flying sidekick over a bunch of punching bags in kung fu class. It's been years since I've twisted it this badly. Now it's wrapped up in an Ace bandage.

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by 1nana, Mar 16, 2009
Sorry to hear about your sprained ankle. I sure hope it doesn't take forever to heal!

Keep up with the advil, ace bandage, and ice, if necessary.

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by TrudieC, Mar 16, 2009
Yikes, that must have been scary.  Hope the icing and bandages gets you back on your feet soon.

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by swampcritter, Mar 16, 2009
Feel better, sk!

Swampy recommends starting your hike as early as you can awake.

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by MJIthewriter, Mar 16, 2009
I know how it feels.  (one of those times I tripped as I was getting off a ladder and it twisted) I hope you feel better soon.

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by Cherie762, Mar 16, 2009
did you go to a doctor? I had a 4ht degree sprain...had to wear a soft cast for several week..fform stubbling off a curb....Ice Rest Elevate//take motrion or tylenol for antiinflamation....can you bear weight? It sounds like you should get an x ray especially since this has happened before...goood luck !!!

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