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Rebound fever?

Apr 09, 2013 - 0 comments

My personal trainer was a bit concerned about my use of baby aspirin.  And I also noticed that it took forever for my acne to go away, and scars to heal while I was on aspirin.  So I stopped it.  Then, a couple days later, I started to feel a sore tbroat.  And now I'm having chills and fever again.  I should mention that, ever since my primary doctor suggested me to try baby aspirin, my random fever had been gone for a while.  How odd is it that as soon as I stopped taking aspirin, the fever comes back and worse?!  Granted both of my kids got the cold last week, but I didn't have any nasal congestion or running nose, just a very mild dry cough but terribly sore and swollen throat.  I am still very scared to see doctors and refuse to surrender myself to them unless my fever goes above 103 degree.  Even if it's strep throat, I may still ride it out without the antibiotics.  Whatever it is, one thing I know for sure - I'm back on aspirin.  I don't care how I look or the bleeding risk, bleh.  Having a fever every so often is way too miserable.  Wish me sone sleep tonight & better tomorrow!

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