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Back from India and feelings the same...

Mar 18, 2009 - 2 comments

Well India was truely amazing and i did'nt want to come home. But despite the fact i was in a amazing country doing amazing things i was still depressed and thinking of suicide. Oh and Nick...Suprize. I built alot of my emotion up whilst away and now ive exploaded i have court on Tuesday for drink driving and to top it off my manager from work is coming and i just may loose my job. I have nothing im so worried i want to run run run. Argh why does this happen...

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by mami1323, Mar 18, 2009
Sweetie, we are never given too much that we can't handle.  Are you still on the meds?  Nick is going to be in your thoughts for awhile but eventually that will fade and then be gone.  As far as your job, that may be out of your control but you will be fine.  Hang in there, you have good friends and a great support system here.

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by babypooh, Mar 18, 2009
Jadey, my darling, I'm glad you went to India on vacation and that you had a lovely time :) As I have told you before and you already know, forgetting Nick will NOT happen quickly. But you are strong and you love yourself. Have faith and pray. KNOW that things will get better and don't worry about things you cannot change. Deal with what happens at court, but whatever happens, don't let it get you down. Whatever will be will be. God is in control. Trust Him and just worry about the person you want to be. Concentrate on the positive things in life and knowing that you will make it through. You WILL. Have faith! And no  more nonsense about hurting yourself, Jade! He's not worth hurting yourself over. No one is! God has a plan for you, you can be sure of that.  He has saved you before and he'll save you again. Be strong, my dear. I'm here for you when  you need me :)

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