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holly's final mash up pt

Apr 11, 2013 - 0 comments

Got the last Outdoor Mashup class to myself.
Holly didn't shorten it either, in fact she extended it 75mins and it was brutal. (4kg  means 4kg in each arm)

Round 1
3 stage up to 50m shuttle sprints
10 commandos

Round 2
30 x shoulder taps
20 x 4kg bent over fly
20 x 4kg lateral arm raise alternate

Round 3
1 x Squat wall hold to fatigue - 20 sec alternating between 4kg arms locked straight out and straight up  
1 x 300m sprint (pb final 1'33")
50 x 4kg step up with high knees follow through - alternating
20 x low jumping sumo squats

Round 4
10 x 4kg no jump burpees with should press
30 x mountain climbers
20 x 4kg bent over row

Round 5
20 x leg raises
30 x 4kg russian twist
20 x v crunches


Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body
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