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Mar 18, 2009 - 3 comments

Tummy feels extremely bloated and haven't been able to eat that much. I had a sandwich, tried to eat a sub. Only got part of it down. I have already had several tests done in 2005 colonoscopy, and scope. Nothing is wrong. I hope this symptom will pass soon. Other than that. i have been pretty much napping most of the day. I feel really stressed like my old boss put all of this on me. I am ****. I started to take vitamin c. I am hoping that this stage will pass. Just an update.

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by Me967, Mar 18, 2009
Hi.  I just saw your journal post and was curios as to whether or not it could be related to thyroid.  I have the same problem but with me I think it is related to womanly cysts.  I also get the pressure in my stomach, on my bladder, pop hole (sorry) and ovaries, plus back pains.  Emotions have been high and I'm having a hard time eating as often as I should, plus I'm cold and tired a lot.  My doctor wants a colonoscopy, CT of my abdomen and a laparoscopy biopsy thing done.  Anyhow, I hope you feel better soon.  Amy  

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by Hadessah, Mar 19, 2009
Do you have kind of pain with your bloating? I have had an unusual amount of gas problems and bloating lately and its so not normal for me. Its like pent up air that refuses to go anywhere no matter what. Its so painful and makes everything inside my body hurt. I am so bloated all the time that people probably think im pregnant all the time.

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by Cherie762, Mar 19, 2009
hi..i am concerned because it sounds like ( please let me know if Im wrong) that your connecting your hasismotos with tummy bloating....not a sounds like digestive troubles are you constipated?  try adding alot of fiber to your diet..drink more water just try it for 3 days see if it helps..

the napping alot and feeling stressed are big time symptoms of is tricky to get the dosage right at first..ask your doctor if they did a FULL thyroid panel it makes a big difference some times they just run a few levels and your not getting all the infor that they need..

I have Hasis..know that its a hereditary ailiment,,,My dad, aunt sister all have it too. I started on .25 mcg og synthroid and ended up on .1 mcg 4 times the origional amount ...I feel ok until I have 2 or 3 days when I forget my meds...

Also with any hypo thyroid med you must take it in the AM on an EMPTY stomach 1 hr before eating and for what ever strange reason i dont know the one and only food you can never eat again  with throid med is Grapefruit it should be noted on your medicine botttle I think it neutralises the medication,,,,,,good luck its one of those things ya gotta keep on,,,gp to docs tell him how your feeling and INSIST on a full thyroid panel

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