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1st visit to see the Neurosurgeon

Mar 19, 2009 - 1 comments


My 1st visit to see the Neurosurgeon in Des Moines Iowa! Ha!

It was a long two hour drive there. My blood pressure was 157/101!
The neurosurgeon came in looked at the MRI from 2006 (not all of them).
Then Looked at the MRI from this month (not all of them). He had me walk
for him,stand on tip toes,walk on heels,bend,then side to side,pressed on back.
Then Talked.

First He said He didnt believe Tarlov cysts cause pain. Then he said He could
almost guarantee me it wasnt the cysts causing the pain. My fiance confronted that with "Guarantee"?
You can guarantee? He changed His story well I cant guarantee really! HMMMM ok.

The He went on to say that He did surgery on a Tarlov cyst and it was a "mess" (His words)!
And He said, I quote: "I swore after doing the surgery on the Tarlov Cyst that I would never
do another one! So He said He would not recommend the surgery!

Then He went into the risks of the CSF leakage and how risky that was and how that had
to be taken care of and watched and how it would mean another admittance into the hospital
of seven weeks trying to stop that and how serious it was! Then he brought up how the cyst
would have to be "POPPED" His terminology! LOL! UMMM ok!

So His recomendations to my Primary Dr is for me to have physical therapy (for growing cysts affecting my nerves).
Somehow I just am not buying that working. If it were muscle yeah or bone yeah! But this has to do with my nerves.
Needless to say I cried hysterically through the whole appointment!

He went on to say He was surgeon not a chronic pain Dr to manage my pain though one day Hed like to be?? HMM ok!
Oh yeah and because my back hurts more than my leg he thought it odd if it were the cysts causing the pain.

He ended the conversation with this...and I kid You not this is what He said:
This is'nt my "stick"...
When we left Bill (my fiance)  said to me...Did I hear Him right?? LOL! After my tears dried we concentrated on the Dr
saying this was'nt His stick!
Which made for alot of laughter which I was in dire need of at this point! LOL!

So its back to the primary care physician! I will be asking to see another neurosurgeon who believes in these Very real and
painful cysts. I also let the Doc know I was already convinced this was my reason for the pain! I also made Him Very aware
of how my life has changed since developing these!

I am so happy to be home!!

3-19-09~ Donna~

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by margypops, Mar 19, 2009
Hi Donna I am happy you saw the humorous side of an 'idiot' bur horrible trauma you are going Hummm Physical therapy I gather by your retort that it isnt a good idea. Sounds like you have a good supportive Fiancee,,isnt it always good to get home, I am glad to get out but more glad to get into my space again and chat to great folks like you,xxxx

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