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Mar 24, 2008 - 4 comments

I just took an EPT digital that was supposed to be accurate 5 days in advance.  It was a BFN!  I had my transfer on 3/17.  My Beta is Friday but I am really depressed.  My DH is upset with me for taking the EPT which doesn't make it easier on me.  Has anyone gotten pregnant or had a successful pregnancy having a negative on a HPT just days before the BETA????  I am pretty upset and really need to hear some positive stories!!

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by Helen72, Mar 24, 2008
HeathJo took an EPT at 12 dpo (2 days early) and got BFN.  Did I mention she was pregnant with triplets?  Her beta in two days was over 200.  
Besides, digital tests are not very sensitive and you should not be using those this early.

I hope your beta is high on Friday!!!

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by SDteacher, Mar 24, 2008
OMG!  Really???  That makes me feel so much better!  Thank you for these words!

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by SDScientist, Mar 24, 2008 freaked me out.  Ignore my direct message for now-I thought you had your beta done early. gave me a freakin heart attack.  Wait a couple more days b/f you pee on any more sticks.  Don't make me come over and confiscate them.  :)

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by FaithNHim, Mar 24, 2008
SDteacher...don't stress unnecessairly. It is still early in the game. Wait a a little bit more before you test again.
I did the same thing last time and my DH said please, stop! You are stressing me now!
I think I got addicted to peeing on the stick :}

Don't do that to yourself. Rtry to rest and relax as much as humanly possible.

SSBD your way....

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