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I could never say this to him.

Mar 20, 2009 - 0 comments






From that look in your eyes I can see that you're fading and the colour that used to be there is growing dull.
So we'll take a day off and take ourselves off down to the beach where we'll laugh and scream and sing about the things that never really mattered.
We'll take our minds off the hook and forget the broken world, leaving it somewhere in the drips of melting ice cream.
We'll lie in the sand and get lost in the clouds with a blanket on the ground to catch us when we come back down.
And the water will be cold but we'll swim in it anyway because we can, and the sand left on our feet will serve as a reminder of it all.
Memories wrapped up in tousled hair and the smell of salt will give everything else a different colour, a more exciting hue.
And all this we'll do just to know it's all okay.
Just to know we're still sane.

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