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Illogical children

Mar 15, 2009 - 0 comments






She really has NO idea how she feels about things - I asked her if she thought her cousin liked purple and she said "He sort of does and he sort of doesn't" - now not only is this unhelpful when we are picking a birthday present but it's completely stupid. Why can't she just say "I don't know". And I HAVE to relabel her, I can't keep thinking that it's stupid to not know how you feel, or not be able to answer a question. Clearly she's NOT stupid, I mean the kid is practically a genius when she's interested in something, she's reading at a 10 to 11 yr old level, and doing multiplication tables and she's in first class - so she's not dumb, but she's SO like her dad, I just don't get how they can be so illogical and not see it!
I was also unbelievably tired and irritable today which of course helped no one whatsoever.

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