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oral patologist found something on my tongue

Apr 14, 2013 - 15 comments








hi everyone,

i didnt post here for some time now.

i finally found an oral patologist. she told me we could do again an oral swab or we can go directly to the biopsy. it has been about 10 months now of these strange irritated tastebuds and sore tongue in that part, that's not normal. not to mention the white layer on the tongue.

so last week i went to see her, and ask her to do the biopsy on the area with the irritated tastebuds, but she was more concerned with something under my tongue. she told me "I don't like this". then she asked me if I wanted her to take a biopsy from that too. i told her, yes, let's do altogether.

my results will come out this tuesday. I'll keep you guys updated.

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by Harbingertaurus, May 03, 2013
I hope  everything  goes well . feel worry About you

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by Harbingertaurus, May 04, 2013
By the way i w didt notice the date of the post , what were  the results ????

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by Cmd2381, May 23, 2013
Ashler1977,please email me.. Having same symptoms and going nuts.. No one can figure it out. ***@****


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by ashler1977, May 24, 2013
I was diagnosed with "chronic mucositis". She only suggested me to use certain mouthwashes etc. However, the problem still persists.

She also found a cyst under my tongue but she took it away when she did the biopsy so that should be OK.

My tongue problem persists for 12 months in a row now. It all started a few months after a sexual exposure (received unprotected fellatio from a girl). I think this events are linked.

Tongue photos updated May 2013 here:

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by martin29, Jul 24, 2013
hi asher i also have the same problem...may i have your email.. hope you could help me

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by ashler1977, Jul 24, 2013

please send pics and let me know what tests have you done so far and if these tongue problems came after a sexual exposure.

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by learning550, Aug 03, 2013
hey asher, i am having the same problem. Mine tongue problem starter after 2 months of protected sexual exposure. but no oral sex.

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by bdlin87, Feb 15, 2014
So after being diagnosed with mucositis, what are your treatments and/or what is being done about it?

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by ashler1977, Feb 15, 2014
she just suggested me an oral mouthwas without alcohol. nothing has changed :(

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by bdlin87, Feb 21, 2014
Do you know if it is infectious?

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by jinjymer, Mar 07, 2014
My taste buds turned white (swollen) a few months after I had sexual intercourse. I've had other issues but my main concern is my tongue, what is your email? you seem to have similar sympotms i need some help and info on this life isnt the same anymore  

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by ashler1977, Mar 07, 2014
you can send me a private message.

if you can, you may share pics of your tongue on your profile.

does your tongue is sore? dry? does it has a white coating for months?

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by needhelp0923, Mar 09, 2014
you have cancer?

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by Frenchies, May 09, 2014
I have had the same symptoms for about a year, after having oral sex with a male.  I also have hard bumps in back of throat feels like sandpaper when I swallow.  I'm curious to know, How do your gums look?

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by bdlin87, Jul 05, 2014
I have had this problem for 2 years now. symptoms started about 2-3 months after oral sex with a male (i am male) and Now my tongue feels dry, but there looks like there is a moist layer on top of my tongue. I have used numerous mouthwashes, even dry mouth washes and nothing has changed. It cannot be scraped off either. And I through out the day it gets super white. The sides of my tongue are inflamed and this causes my tastebuds to stick out and having a burning feeling. I have got to 2 different ENT specialist. I have been prescribed anti-fungal and bacterial medication and nothing has helped. But besides that there are not other symptoms.

But biggest concern is if it is infectious, so if I make out or have oral sex with someone else if they will get it. If anyone know that would be great.

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