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another week

Apr 14, 2013 - 1 comments

Well another week has gone by I still not were I want to be maybe I'm expecting to much. I needto make myself exercise more. My husband will be gone for s week, during the day I'll be ok, but the nights will be hard.

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by mzrichee, Apr 17, 2013
you can do it. stay positive and just keep up the healthy eating and exercises. for me, i exercise just fine (run 4x a week, with a few strength trainings throughout the week). the trouble is i can't seem to control my eating. i've been eating all these awful things lately. but since yesterday, i've vowed to be better -- and i've already noticed a difference! so take little baby steps and you'll get there. i'm doing eat healthy (good, stay within a certain calorie limit) 2 days in a row, splurge on the 3rd day (of course, not go all out or crazy with food), then repeat again.

good luck. you can do it! we just have to stay strong and remember what we're doing this for. whether it's for our own self, to be healthy, for our kids, family, whatever. :)

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