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defective crowns

Mar 21, 2009 - 1 comments



inferior crowns

I had defective crowns placed on my teeth 18 and 19.  For 7 months the original dentist Francis A. Bertolini in North Canton, Ohio told me there wasn't anything wrong with the crowns.  I told him they are irritating my gums and moving and felt like there are spaces between my teeth and the one felt like it was too high and bulky.   After 7months in pain, I could not stand it anymore and had to start doing research for myself when I found this web site.   Scottma explained to me what a prosthodontist was and that I should go see one to have the occlusal looked at.  Thanks to a prosthdontist I found out what the problem was.

The orginal dentist had the crowns too high and my teeth were in hyper occlusion.  

The trauma from the high occlusal affected my gums, tissue and nerve. When the endodontist did the root canal, it was bleeding.

I believed the original dentist when he told me there was nothing wrong with this crown and I would have to get use to it if I did not want to jeopardize my nerve and root canals were not needed. Other things started taking place with my health when these inferior fitting crowns started causing me more problems.

Now I know my nerve had already been jeopardized when he stated this.   I ended up with two root canals in 18 and 19. To date my gums and tissue are still sensitive and I still cannot eat on the tooth.

The endodontic treatment from February 4th, 2009 is still healing quite slowly due to the trauma from the hyper occlusion of the crowns.     I have more information on my space ------    since you cannot send personal emails on this website.

Here is a piece I got from on line ADA site.

website is and

This is by GORDON J. CHRISTENSEN, D.D.S., M.S.D., Ph.D.

Occlusion too high on restorations. Fixed prosthodontic procedures are carried out far more frequently now than they were in years past. On many occasions in my practice, I have observed crowns and fixed prostheses, placed elsewhere, that were left in supraocclusion after cementation. I have seen dentists seat fixed prostheses without checking and correcting occlusal contacts, with the result that the affected tooth or teeth soon become highly sensitive. To avoid the high occlusion, the teeth move in the bone to locations that do not have the same high occlusion. Often, the affected teeth cannot move far enough to get out of the zone of occlusal trauma. The clinical result is a widened periodontal ligament, mobile teeth, painful teeth, open contact areas, chipped ceramic, loosening of implants or implant abutments, and eventual pulpal death of the restored or opposing teeth. In my opinion, clinicians must pay more attention to correcting occlusion when seating comprehensive restorations.

I would like to know of anyone who has had a bad experience in Ohio and never reported it. I have been
finding out after talking to a lot of people that they state they never knew they could write anyone.

I didn't know it either until someone told me along time ago.  But they state the first thing to do is write your County Dental Society.

Mean time my gums are still irritating me and I think from the inferior fitting crowns it has affected my other teeth.  My teeth beside the crowned teeth 18 and 19 have been sore and irritated also.   The gums feel funny and I know my teeth are mobile.    

Before I had these crowns on my teeth I never had any problems like this.   I am trying to save them and hoping the gums heal so I can eat right on them again which I have not been able to do since July of 2008.

I got my permanent crowns on March 26th, 2009 but my gums and tissue still are not healed from the occlusional
trauma from the crowns being in hyper occlusion.   The #19 had to be taken off and left out of occlusion to heal.

It is a nightmare.  It is a shame how dentist can do inferior work and get a way with it.

It cost more to take them to court to get your money back than it does to just get the teeth fixed that they
messed up.

It is also a shame that we do not have a longer statute of limitations in Ohio.  I think Ohio's statute of Limitations
should be just like some other states, 2 years for statute of limitations.

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by SOURKREME, May 23, 2010
I had a root canal and a crown on a tooth that really didn't needed, the tooth in front of it had a loose filling. He took an impression of the tooth and sent away for the real crown to be made.He did a root canal on the tooth and put a temp crown. he really didn't send away for the crown because he lost the impression. When I went back I told him that the tooth still hurt. He redid the root canal and tryed to make me a new crown. He got it close he said and them put this back/dark blue paper in my mouth and bite down on it. After an hour of biting and using the drill on all of my other teeth I told him my mouth was ok, fix the crown to fit the other teeth.I went back in a week and he asked smiling ear to ear with another dentist that it felt like I had somebody elses crown in my mouth and the tooth still hurt along with all the other teeth he drilled on.He drilled through his new crown that he made and redid the root canal I think for a fourth time. He get done and tells me he used white filling materal so nobody would notice it.Come back if you have any more problems. The tooth was to high and really messed with the other teeth when I bit down. I looked into the mirror to see exactly what he has been doing only to discover that the pain I was having was a loose filling that I could pull up 1/4 " with no effort. I told him that tooth still hurt, he shook his head got his stuff and brought another dentist down to look at it. this was the third time we was going to drill on the new crown. He got his drill running and I shut my mouth. He says you need to open your mouth, then I told him he was working on the wrong tooth, the tooth he did the root canal was not needed or was the crown. I had his associate fix the tooth in front and the pain was gone. Iwent to the other dentist that worked on it almost all the time and I told him I wanted mycopayment of $1000 back and I was going to notify my insurance company to get their money back. He didn't want to but I said I would call the news lady that handles problems like this.He gave it to me and 6 months later it hurt so bad around the gum and when I bit down that I went to a max ??? I don't know put they do the major dental work in wrecks and stuff like that. It cost me another $250 dollars to get it pulled and I took the bill to my favorite dentist. You owe me $250 for getting your mess fixed. He said no and I started calling the investogater from the news to go pay a visit.He gave it to me and my  other teeth that he drilled on have hurt ever since and I haven't been to a dentist since I think 89.

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