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Afraid and feeling a bit sick today

Mar 25, 2008 - 3 comments

I was awaken early this morning by my mom calling wanting to know what happened and what I knew from my CT scan that I had last night. My hubby told her I was still in bed but that we wouldn't know for a few days at least. At least she cares though. I called my doctor's office yesterday early in the day to make sure they clarified to me why I had been scheduled for an immediate CT scan and to make sure they were actually scanning my kidneys. I was told, (now mind you this is someone who worked in the office not the doctor), that it was for a small hypodense lesion on my ( right kidney) as far as I remember her saying, and for calcium deposits on both my kidneys. Now I believe she said non-obstructive...but they told my husband last Friday when they called it was obstructed so who knows. When I got to the hospital last night around 6:45 pm, they were almost going to send me home and not run the scan because of some kind of miscommunication between them, and the fact that my doctors office never called in to give them a bloodwork order that the Hospital was supposed to request prior to my getting CT contrast. I was pretty dehydrated and very upset by that time because I hadn't had anything to drink for several hours and I have been getting really thirsty and weak on a chronic basis. Also, my doc's office had told me I was supposed to get a pelvic CT too, which the hospital did not have on record. Needless to say, by that time I felt my care had not been optimal. I told them I did not have the money to come back for another scan. I said I wish they would have just put me in the hospital as sick as I have been so I don't have to keep coming back for tests. I should not have to worry about keeping myself hydrated and try to make sure I am getting what I need electrolyte wise every single day without knowing much. Yes, I am getting somewhere, but CMON!  This other poor girl who came in after me was given an order for an abdominal CT and Pelvic CT!. She was sitting right across from us. I overheard them and she goes, um "I think this is the wrong test" , the test I have is for my ear. I didn't know whether I should fall over laughing, or run out of there as quick as I could. I really couldn't believe the lack of coordination. And trust me, it was not busy at that time of night. There were only two of us in the waiting room. Oh, but at least I got to get the abdominal CT. But, I have to wonder if the order they accidentally gave the girl was for me since the doctor's office said I was supposed to have a pelvic CT too. From my understanding from what the girl at the doctor's office said, she is ruling out neoplastic disease. So, Yes I am a bit scared. I am not sure if this is calcification of the kidneys, or just kidney stones. I have no clue yet. But, I really hope they can figure it out soon because I am not feelin too good and I woke up and got sick to my stomach this morning.
God please keep me strong

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by medicmommy, Mar 25, 2008
Hiya Sick!
Wow, I think at that point the urge to run screaming from the building would have been overwhelming...Is this a place you may have to go back to in the future? If so, I'd be calling the hospital administrator and "sharing" your experience and suspicions...If the administrator does their job, they may just uncover a serious communication problem extending past the radiology dept...Or, may narrow the problem down to one person...Sadly, there are "screw-ups" (both the people kind, and the communication kind) frequently in the medical system...Imagine if that had been an IV medicine order instead of a CAT scan...and the poor girl got your meds, and you didn't get what you needed...Yep...Pretty serious stuff...people die from such things...and hospitals really hate bad press...
So, I'm not trying to be nosy, but maybe I can help?  What's going on with the kidneys? (Or the body in general?) Have you been having pain, or is there something else going on?  Neoplastic disease is such a general term..( I believe it's the doc's expression for:"we don't really know, so we'd like to run some more tests...would you like to apply for the position of Resident Guinea Pig?"...LOL)
Hang in there...It sucks to feel so bad...Melinda

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by SickbutEmpowered, Mar 26, 2008
LMAO, I didnt expect this. LOL
:)I agree I really should call. I just am so afraid of pissing everyone off as this is the only hospital close by. ARGHHH

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by blubell4921, Mar 30, 2008
I find you to be encouraging and kind i thank you for the kind words and help you gave me.  it is nice to know that there is still someone helpful and hopefull and willing to share that with the world may gods love and grace shine upon u ssunshine and roses Triska aka blubell4921

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