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Fri Mar 20 - 20th shot - beginning wk 20 - 28 shots left

Mar 21, 2009 - 0 comments

Good thing I have a spreadsheet with my dates, getting mixed up on my shots.  I think I posted a wrong start date on one of my journal entries.  Feeling a little yuk this weekend after my shot hopefully it will pass by Monday. Hemoglobin has dropped to 9.1.

Not caring for my GI doctor.  Can't even get a jury excuse.  He thinks you just get a little tired on tx.  I wonder how doctors like him get thru med school.  Unless they just get so burned out they can't bear to keep up with current events.  I can understand getting burned out with research in general but I don't understand not doing research on something that you are directly responsible for.  I guess he is just lazy and arrogant.  Well, I do get to rate him. :)

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