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Mar 25, 2008 - 1 comments

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I'm going nut's, well not actually, but I could just scream! Yet another meeting with assessment co-ordinators(two weeks ago), who promise to get in touch, make you feel like your childs needs is as important to them as they are to you and yet again it's all talk.
Sometimes I really get so frustrated, Ross is nearly five, this is going on far too long,two or three years now and I still haven't been even talking to the right doctors. Between waiting times for appointments and refarals, it all seems like a really bad joke.
It's such a shame cause he can be a lovely child with stacks of potential. I know he could do well if his needs were being met. I suppose I'll just have to keep leaving messages on answering machines and with secretaries.
But just as a last note in this entry I'd like to say, it's not right to leave parents and children waiting this long. It'sreally just not right!

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by Sally44, Apr 18, 2008
Yep, I know the feeling.  Sometimes I thought "should I paint myself purple, go naked with a banner, and stand outside their office".  But just make sure you put everything in writing/emails and get their reply in writing also.  Keep all the correspondence.  Ensure professionals are communicating with eachother.  Make sure each professional picks up on all the things you are concerned about and if you think they have missed something contact them.  For example the Speech Therapist recognised that my son was 'echolalic', but she did not use that word in her report.  Therefore his school were unaware that he had echolalia and didn't know what that meant or what the implications were from a communication/ understanding point of view.  So I made the Speech Therapist send a cover letter to the school and speak with the Headmistress about it.  
I have just been told that my son with be getting a 'Statement of Special Educational Needs'.  Is is a very important legal document in the UK giving your child rights of access to special provision in school and even certain school placements.  It took me, in total, 3 years to get this.  Get all the evidence you need.  If possible get private reports.  Badger professionals until they will agree with you simply to get rid of you.  Find out about disability discrimination law if that is applicable in your case.  

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