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Feeling Yuck!

Mar 22, 2009 - 0 comments





Low back pain

Last couple of days Ive had heart palpitations not sure why. Could be from the neurosurgeon appt. Ive had quite a bit of back pain the last couple days and headaches. I can feel pressure building in my head kinda kinda up and down so maybe blood pressure. My blood pressure when i saw the neurosurgeon was 157/101! Yeah real high! I think it was cause I was seeing him, the long drive there,and the pain on top of it all! I am on blood pressure meds and usually run low!

Ive woke up the last two morning with my body aching too! So been taking advil for that!Ive been a lil more active so the pain increase is probably from that but I have to get up and move around some. Its so depressing because sometimes i will feel like doing more and believe I can Only to not be able to.

I am working on having positive thoughts and trying to not allow myself to get too down. I see my primary physician on Weds.

Well time for bed but needed to do a lil journaling before bed.

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