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my babygirl

Mar 22, 2009 - 0 comments


well today is my first day clean from opiates in a while....subs to be exact bout 8 months....i tapered but it all ***** we all know it looks like i am going to be on this thing on and off pretty much all i made a post but then sitting too long didnt feel good so i took my daughter outside for a couple of min threw in a load of laundry and i am saving the dishes for my next intermission...i swear i keep sayin its not that bad but these sweats just suck so bad that it takes away any part of you that does feel okay...o well i dont even know how long sweats will cravings at all so im happy...just letting it all out...gosh its not even the pain its just such an unbelievable feeling of uneasiness....cant wait to be me again....i missed daughter is my strength even when she is throwing  a temper tantrum spoiled lil thing...her name is babygirl.....

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