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worn-out welcome

Mar 22, 2009 - 1 comments

shortly, I have been helping a homeless friend from the hospital for about three weeks with food and an ocassional place to stay.  This has turned into staying every night for about a week and being around every evening .
I have not even broken away to got on the computer or call one of my good out-of-town friends.

I have been very reluctant to tell him I need more time alone, but yesterday had a conversation with a friend where she brought up my needs, and the decompensation I seem to be experiencing.  So he's napping right now and I just wrote him a letter.
This disruption has really thrown me off my staying-well-lifestyle.
At least now I recognize that.
He's paranoid and insecure and in love with me:  I'm a little afraid how he'll take my request.
I'm mad a t G-d for putting me in this position right now.  I've got enough problems without being forced to assert myself.  Poop.

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by LeftCoastChick, Mar 22, 2009
Hi Liz,
I saw your post in the activity area. I'm sorry to hear you are frustrated.  Personally, I would push your friend to contact social services or some group, you can't rescue this person when you are still in recovery yourself.  If you are concerned about his reaction, it's time for him to go. I have to call you on something though, you made the choice to offer your place as a refuge, G*d had nothing to do with.Dang free will!   Is there someone at the hospital you can contact?  There must be case workers that handle folks that are still as ill as he sounds.   You'll feel better when you do assert your boundaries, but call the authorities if he is any way threatening or delusional. Your first priority is your own safety and well-being.  

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