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pregnant after a cryoablation

Mar 25, 2008 - 5 comments

Well here is my story and update. I am now 13 weeks and come to find out the first healthy pregnancy after a cryo-ablation. My Dr.'s are suprised. About 2 years ago I had 4 miscarriages. Due to the bleeding  I had a cryo-ablation (freezing of the lining). I was told that I still had a slight chance to get pregnant. I was also told of the risk of loosing the baby. Well it's been 13 weeks and the baby is growing. My Dr.'s are very surprised and are keeping a very close eye on me and the baby. We have had 5 u/s's. An several blood test. I can honestly say that this pregnancy is a true MIRACLE. Who would have thought I am 37 with 3 heatlhy kids having a baby.
Wow a few weeks ago when I was sick all the time I was not very excited. Well we are past the 1st trimester and I am just going to jump out of my shoes. The baby is growing as scheduled and I am feeling better. This whole pregnancy just has me at ahhhhh. I didn't think I would be having a baby after the cryo. My kids are very excited ok two of them are. My High School boy is like oh my mom is having a baby.
Honestly I think when I 1st went to my Dr. he thought we where going to miscarry. Well to be honest I thought so too. Well surprise it's 13 weeks and have had no problems. I was just lucky to have a High Risk Dr. from the start. This helped. Along with lots of prayers.    

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by babykinnc, Oct 04, 2008
Hi Oly1970,

Could you let me know how things went for you? I am 36 with four children. I had cryo almost two years ago and just found out last week that I am pregnant. I am only 7 weeks but the baby has a heartbeat. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and we only saw the sac. My Hcg level was 3900 at 4:30 pm. In less than 48 hours at 7:30 am on Friday, my levels were over 6000 and my doctor told me the baby now has a heartbeat. My doctor wants me to terminate the "tissue" berfore a catastrophe happens but my Hcg continues to rise and I'm having no complications, ie cramps, bleeding. Just normal pregnancy symptoms like exhaustion and nausea. I just went through a horrible divorce and then I found my soulmate. Neither of us planned to have kids but this is now a truly unexpected miracle. My boyfriend is scared to death something will happen to me or that the baby will be stillborn at 5 months. My doctor says 5 months is as far as he has ever seen a pregnancy like this survive. I myself believe God does not make mistakes and am prepared to endure whatever comes. If my levels had not doubled in two days and the baby did not have a heartbeat now, I could go through with the termination but this is not a blighted ovum or empty sac, this is a viable pregnancy. I told my boyfriend we now have a child with a heartbeat fighting to make it into this world. I'm prepared to take on that fight as I am sure you understand.

I hope all is well with you. Please respond even if it may not be what I want to hear. I need to know what I am up against.  

Thank you,
Linda B

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by dkbush76, Nov 24, 2008
Hello all,
          I am 32 with a 11 1/2 year old and a 13 month old.  Happy with my healthy children I already have, I had cryo-ablation to get "fixed" and to eliminate my period.  My goal was to be 31 and have no period.  Needless to say, I still get my period every month like clockwork.  However, it is lighter and more bearable I have to admit....or should I say it "was".

          October 20th came and gone and I didn't get my period.  I high fived my sister and was jumping up and down that the surgery had finally worked for me.....ummmm, think again.  Needless to say a couple of weeks ago I started to gag every time I brushed my teeth, a tell tale sign that I'm pregnant.  I took two home pregnancy tests and you guessed it, both positive. I called the doc and he called me back and said "No Debbie, that can't happen, we did the ablation surgery on you, right?"  He sent me for blood work because he seemed to not believe that I was pregnant.  The doctor's nurse informed me the next day that I indeed was pregnant and my levels looked good, and they scheduled me for a sonogram 2 days later.  Sonogram showed a healthy sac and baby with a healthy heartbeat.  This was last Monday and I was 8 weeks and 2 days according to the measurements.   I am scared to death, because I have read about the chances of having uterine rupture and placenta accreta etc and my doctor is refusing to give me stats or odds on that happening.  He actually seemed like it was news to him that it could happen at all when I told him what I have read.  He cancelled my 5pm appt today where I wanted answers to a lot of questions and concerns I have.  I loved my doctor to death, but I'm starting to really get upset with him now.  Oh, to top it off he is going on vacation and I will not be able to see him until December 8th, when I'm 11 weeks plus pregnant.  

           I made an appt with another OB tomorrow at 3pm and I'm hoping they can shed some light on my situation, in the meantime, I wanted to see if anyone out there had any good answers or has been through this etc.  Please let me know what your doctor has told you if you have been pregnant after cryo-ablation surgery.

Thanks so much!


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by Oly1970, Apr 23, 2009
Hello this is Oly1970,
I am happy to say we have a healthy little girl. She had all odds against her. She was not suppose to fully develope. The Dr.'s stopped labor 4 times. We had like 16 ultrasounds. The Dr.'s and nurses where ready for the worst at the time of the c-section. Blood was already ordered. Well I was not worried and said everthing is going to be fine.
We had a chance to terminate the pregnancy. My husband and I don't believe in abortion/terminating a pregancy. So we did lots of praying. I am so glad that we made the choices we made. I am not having to live my life with the doubt/s if the baby would have been healthy.

So ladies all I have to say is yes you can get preg, after a cryo ablation. Yes your chances of problems in the preg are very high.

If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them. Please understand I am not a Dr. ***@****

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by Oly19700, Sep 23, 2014
Hello this is Oly1970
Our little miracle just turned 6. She has been a healthy little girl. We thank God for her everyday. She has been a blessing and a joy. This year she just started kindergarden. Who would of thought. I hope all that read this journal entry know we all need to make our own choices. So pray and decide what is your best choice. Till this day I have not heard of a full term or healthy baby being born after a cryo.

Bless you all OliviasCandles

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by SummerDon, Nov 24, 2015
I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant. I am 38 years old with an 18 and 12 year old. We are truly excited. I had the cyroablation done about 4 years ago in my doctor's office and was so worried after reading everything on the internet. But my doctor didn't mention a single concern about it. She said was puts me at high risk is my age. Even after the ablation I still had heavy periods just didn't last as long. I am 6 weeks along and feel great. I am hoping that other women have success stories they could share with me. I am very optimistic and feel like this has happened for a reason:)

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