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well, im thinking this may be our month!

Mar 23, 2009 - 0 comments

am i pregnant?

About 3 weeks ago, my fiance and I were in bed, I got up to use the bathroom and saw brown and pink mucus. The next day I saw completely clear like eggwhite sticky and there were 2 single drops of blood. I wiped again, and nothing at all. I was due for my period on the 17th of March. Nothing at all since the spotting. The past week, Ive been feeling alot of weird feelings. For instance : Gas like crazy, tingly feeling in my nipples on contact, small short pains in my breasts, cramps, pains in my back, and sides, it hurts if I try to breath in too deep, because my stomach feels like its too tight to suck in any farther, heartburn to the point where I can barely sleep at night, tired all the time, but can never get to sleep, and that sick to my stomach feeling like my tummy is turning, but no vomit. My fiance is in Florida for the week, a thousand miles from here, so he begged me to wait until he gets home to test, so we are testing most likely sunday morning. Lots of baby dust for me?! We are hoping to get a positive! Ive miscarried before so he worries a little, but we are really hoping this isnt mother natures way of telling me im expecting my period... but it doesnt feel like that, except this damn gas! wish me luck!

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