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If life was only this simple!!!

Mar 25, 2008 - 4 comments

So today my 4 year old wanted to buy something at the store and I replied Pumpkin Im sorry I don't have enough money. Her reply was yes you do you have like a million penny's and quarter's. I said well It's still not enough and she just kept trying to debate  it with me through out the entire store so I would see HER point. Explaining to me, duh mom that's why daddy goes to work is to make money It was so adorable. If we could all think penny's and quarters were enough to make this world go round and million do most 4 year olds use that word Im not sure?

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by Milfilicious78, Mar 25, 2008
My 4 year old uses ALOT of words, I would NEVER think she'd know..I have 2 watch what I say around her and kids' shows these days are way more educational and informative.

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by BOLD FOR JESUS, Mar 27, 2008
she is beautiful daughter i have one also!

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by ParamedFlorena, Mar 30, 2008
Even tiny kettles have ears - that's a saying around here. They catch so much! They use the ways they can to comfort and debate and they use familiar ways we have taught them...

My daughter did her best around the release of "Snakes on the plane" (I have this horrible phobia of reptiles). We were watching some kid's programme on TV and out of no where they used reptiles as an example for something. Of course I screamed up and cried out loud. That's my reaction, most times. She leant over and gave me a typical "I can comfort you-hug" and said:
"It's not coming out of the TV mom. It stays right there."

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by FreeSpirit4Life, Mar 30, 2008
That is so sweet she treated u as u would treat her. She allready has a motherly instinct it's so sweet children are sooo amazing

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