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sort of how i feel right now ....

Mar 23, 2009 - 0 comments

as the sun sets I can feel the cold seeping into my body. The warm welcoming light of day giving way to the sorrows of the night taking with it every shred of hope left within me except one.

The one smallest bit of hope remaining, helping me hold back the horrors of the night for a time, the cold, the fear, the solitude and the hungers of the night.

Just as the days may grow longer so do the nights, each night as my strength fades another peice of myself is lost to the hunger, lost to the darkness. Torn from my soul never to be found again. Love, happyness, memories of the warmth, pulled from my body leaving only peices of cold, bitter sorrow where once life existed.

I feel the nights passing by, i feel the pieces of myself being lost to the hunger. Waiting, praying that whatever the beast of the night is,will devour whatever flesh is left from my bones and finally be done with me. Leave whatever lifeless remains behind as I join the night. Waiting, watching, feeling the hunger for whatever poor soul may wander into the darkness next...

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