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CD26; 12 DPO

Apr 16, 2013 - 0 comments

So life is weird.  Still neg tests.

This week my feet have grown another half size (heat?), My boobs have grown, especially my right one (??), I have continually lost inches (stress?), and I have also had very light cramping in my uterus (AF?) and sorry....loose stool (AF?) And I want to get rid of all my pets and keep the house spotless (stress?) There's more but I've forgotten now. LOL

So weird week over here!  I am still just waiting. It's in God's hands. I think I am ready for whatever comes. I completely trust in God's perfect timing.  And today (unlike every other day, and maybe unlike tomorrow or tonight) I want to try again next month if we can get the funds and I start AF.  So that's new.  I've been just wanting to give up for the stress of it all.

Everyone seems to have stories of how it took family and friends SEVERAL tries, usually IVF which they don't realize is different. And the nurse said don't expect it the first time around. So my, I just KNOW has dwindled down to a Probably not.  I wish there were a magic 8 ball where God could give us insight to calm our worries. LOL. But instead we just have to have faith. Which I am fine with, He is a gracious God who never leaves my side.

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