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Mar 25, 2008 - 2 comments

So at a negative test just short of 5 months, i gave up any thoughts of HIV and searched for new causes of my symptoms.  I had flu-like symptoms including nausea, muscle pains (pretty extreme at times), night sweats, cough, mild sore throat, joint pains, and tingly sensations in the feet and hands, as well as sore (but not swollen i dont think) lymph nodes starting at 8 weeks post exposure and continuing up until about 5 months post exposure (a good 3 months!), but apparently a 5-month test had to be conclusive, so i moved on and tested for Hep, mono, strep etc.  All neg as well.  Now a year after exposure, symptoms are back worse than ever: really bad muscle aches in the legs, cough, tingly feelings coming and going, nausea to the point of almost throwing up, and soreness in the lymph node areas.  Is it possible the 5-month test was wrong?  I am going out of my mind, i feel alone and scared and hopeless, i can't eat, i cant sleep, i cant think, i cant be around people.... and most importantly i cant study, im a full time student, i need my sanity.  Tomorrow im getting tested again, im putting this to rest! Hiv or not, i need to settle it. Wish me luck! I hope everyone who claims that a 3 month, or especially 5 month test is conclusive is right, and that im just being stupid and a hypochondriac and ridiculous, i want to be wrong, i hope i am.  Until tomorrow..


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by Godblessyou884, Jan 13, 2010
Keep us posted, I'm sorry about your situation.  I have had similar situation until now; but is has only been around 3 months.  

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by freakup, Oct 22, 2012
hello, hwos your result?

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