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Mar 23, 2009 - 3 comments

Grand total of 2 seizures, (instead of like 22+), and I actually managed to sleep through some of the pain which is unheard of.  (Normally I cannot even lay down, or allow anything to touch my head, not even my pillow).  So I guess the Trileptal helped.

Zomig took my pain from a 9 to a 7, and occasionally a 6.  Pain relief lasted only an hour though.  Then I took another, and tried to get some sleep.

So at 4pm I took 3 Tylenol, 2 Nauzene, 2 Zofran, Toprol XL, and Zomig.  I also drank a bottle of water, and a glass of coke for the caffeine.  I put my oxygen on around 4:30.  I had some pain relief between 5:30, and 6:30.

At 5 I took my normal medication.  Theo-24, and Ritalin.

At 7 I took took another Zomig.  At 8 I took 3 more Tylenol, 2 Nauzene, and another bottle of water.  My first seizure was somewhere around 8:30.

At 9pm I took my normal medication.  Trileptal, Ritalin, Toprol XL, Mucinex, Symbicort, and a Multivitamin.  I also took another Zofran.

Then I tried to get some sleep.  Woke up a thousand times though.  Woke up to a seizure around midnight.  Took 2 more Tylenol.  I would have taken 3 again, but I didn't want to keep overdosing.  According to the pharmacist, I need my liver.  Not that I much care about that during these headaches.  I woke up again at 1am, and the headache was gone. Good.

Canceled my dentist appointment this morning because there is no way I'm allowing someone to touch my head today.

Hally's "Oppressive Gloom" Headaches
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by DubsJ, Nov 12, 2014
you may want to ask your md about a different triptan medication.  i used zomig for a while when the imitrex i had been using for years was becoming less and less effective.  zomig was somewhat effective, it alway made me very tired.  have u ever tried maxalt?  currently, that is what works best for me.  i see u r already taking trileptal, that has been my latest addition to my med list and is thus far really helping to prevent h/a.   also, i see u r taking a lot of tylenol, ever tried an nsaid instead?  i'm not sure if there are any interactions w/ your other meds, so please check w/ your md first, but ibuprofen usually works better than tylenol for migraines as it has the anti-inflammatory effect.  also, use an ice pack.  2 if u need it.  one at the base of your skull to try to shrink the swollen blood vessels that are causing so much pressure, and one on top of your head, just for comfort.  Hope these few tips can help you, I've had those miserable nights and can really feel your pain!

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by bswear, Nov 30, 2014
I have really bad migraine headaches myself,I am taking 100mcg of fentanyl for a head and spine degenerative disease. I also take dilaudid for breakthrough,they added ultram for the headaches ( feel like a walking pharmacy) was given samples of zomig to try but with all other pain meds being at dangerous limits doc said be extra careful with everything I take. I follow directions to a T but still have headaches. Scared to try the zomig also have samples of another like it too. My condition is called OPCA for short and major back surgery from if 3 discs removed plus 3 more in future if I decide to let them. Also have a  large cyst on brain that they said was least of my problems. No cure for my disease ( similar to Parkinsons but more rare. Decision on surgery based on lifespan would be just more bills for family. So they say they just want to make me comfortable.

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by embee24, May 24, 2016
It is very curious to me that this conflicts with other information on reputable websites. I came wondering if it would be an issue that I too max alt 10mg about four hours ago and was just about to try 2.5mg of Zomig for the first time using this specific drug. I decided it seems best to wait it out through the night before trying, though this blog gives me hope that I am just being overly cautious. I am obese and a current light smoker but young and have a healthy heart. Anyway, found this a very interesting and informative piece. Thanks very much!

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