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rash on neck and back of head

Mar 26, 2008 - 1 comments

skin rashes



I have had a rash on the back of my head and neck. I have had for about 2 weeks and it itches really bad. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said it was scabies. But, my kids had scabies and theirs was all over their bodies. I only have it on my neck and head.

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by SufferingScabies, Sep 06, 2009
I hope all of the below does not sound too crazy to you, but this is my story and what Ia m doing to try and relieve some of the agony.
I went to the doctor 6 months ago with an itchy head and was told I had lice. I used RID and it seemed to work for about 2 days, but then the itching got worse and spread all over my body with a rash. My hands and elbows looked like a 100 year old lady - scaling, flaky, and wrinkled. Went back to the doctor and was told I had scabies. I used Permethrin, and it seemed to work for about a week, but then everything came back and it was 10 times worse. The iching is so bad at night that it is all I can do not to run down the street screaming. Went back to the doctor and was told I do not have any scabies or lice or anything else - I am just freaking out - I pointed out that being this itchy would make anyone freak out, so which came first the chicken or the egg (am I itching becasue I am freaking out, or freaking out becasue I am itching). Anyhow, long story short, I am having extreme hair loss around the perimeter of my head  - it is completely bald around my forehead and ears and back of the head. My forehead probably has aboiut 2.5 inches without hair that used to have hair. I itch only at night, and some nights are bad and some not so bad, and about once a week, absolutely terrible. I wear a baseball cap now whenever I leave the house, which isn't often due to embarrasment.
I have tried MANY, MANY remedies and here is what I have found effective...
1. Vinegar - white or apple cider - I pu half water and half vinegar in a spray bottle - I spray my head at least once during the day and about 20 times every night when I am going crazy with the itching - it seems to stop the itching, at least temporarily. I am also using vinegar to spray down the chairs I sit in, my bedding (I gave up on the laundry every single day - I do laundry every 3 days now) and all carpeting.
2. Petroleum Jelly - This is an old wive's tale that actually seems to work - it smothers the parasites. Smear it on thickly wherever you are itching - even your hair if it is your head that is itching. You know as well as I do that the itching is so terrible that all concerns about hair styling go straight out the window so go ahead and smear the Vasoline into your hair. After about 15-20 minutes, get a thick paper towel and start wiping it all away. You may want to invest in bulk paper towels - I am going through about 2 rolls a day. You will feel movement when you put on the jelly - don't freak out, smile - it means they are dying for air and will come out of your skin to try and get some and this is when you will wipt them away and dispose of them thoroughly (I actually go in the back yard to wipe myself off and then throw away all papertowels straight to the curb so they are never in my house).
3. Mental Attitude - I hope that the scabies leave you quickly and you don't have to go through this for a long time like I do, but I am ill with other issues that compromise my immune system so my body can't fight the critters. This brings me to my point about attitude - these parasites are scary - we can't see them so the imagination takes over. Also, the itchiness makes us jumpy and on edge so everything takes on greater porportions. At first, I tended to think I was "under attack" and that "they" had something against me - as this seems like typical paranoid behavior I decided that I could not think this way. It makes the problem even worse.
The next part sounds weird, but bear with me, I have been dealing with this craziness for over half a year. What I do is this... I think about what is actually happening - all critters on the earth just want the same thing- food, shelter etc and I am bummed that I happen to be the host for a bunch of little parasites, but it isn't their fault, is it? Rather than get angry and feel that I am under attack, I have taken the attitude that the mites are probably just as miserable with me as I am with them, and would leave if they could. I don't understand the psychology, but this really helps me. It doesn't stop the itching, but it makes it more bearable.
I have been wanting to write about this for a long time, but haven't been able to until now... the hardest part is the people around me thinking that maybe I am crazy or imagining things or blowing things out of proportion... I KNOW this is not the case and feel secure in my belief. I wish you luck and remember at night when you are ready to scream, that this problem is far more pervasive than known, and there are many other people sitting up all night miserable...

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